REVEALED: Why Samidoh Beat Karen Nyamu To A Pulp


By  | Aug 10, 2021, 11:00 AM  | Relationships

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Today morning, we woke up to horrible news on social media through lawyer Karen Nyamu's Instagram page, claiming that her husband, popular mugithi singing sensation Samidoh had beaten her to pulp.

She earlier today posted a video, showing her beaten up face with bruises all over, talking about how women should learn to respect themselves and not let famous powerful men take over their lives and beat them whenever they feel like it. She went on and on about how Samidoh had beaten her silly just because she was seen in the company of men while she was in Mombasa working. She defended herself by stating that like everyone else, her colleagues comprise of both men and women and that it is expected that she might be witnessed in the company of men, and that she was not involved in a romantic embrace of any sort.

That was her side of the story and like I said earlier, we were yet to get the other side of the story. And guess what, we have.

From Kelebrity's own private and reliable source, we have received news that there was indeed a man involved. It is said that Karen Nyamu told her husband Samidoh that she would be travelling to Mombasa for work related issues, only to switch off her phone after "arrival". This didn't sit well with the mugithi singer and so, moved by instinct, he abruptly decided to go to Karen's home and alas, he finds Karen Nyamu. She must have heard him coming but being too late to escape already, it is reported that Samidoh found her hiding in one of the rooms in the house instead of being engulfed in work in Mombasa.
That is when the life-teaching beating commenced, round after round. The scariest bit of all this is, after tired Samidoh was satisfied with his UFC live performance on the cheating lawyer, he said to her,
"you are lucky I didn't have my gun with me. Wewe ningekuua leo."
Honestly, I am glad he did not have that firearm otherwise things would be very different for everyone right now. After getting this new information, it has now been difficult to reach lawyer Karen Nyamu for comments on this latest development. However, we at Kelebrity will keep on getting the scoops and sharing with you everything we know about this every step of the way. Keep it here for more details on this war.
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