Rayvanny’s ex Is On A Mission To Get Him Back

She got some tricks up her sleeves

By  | Jun 05, 2020, 06:45 AM  | Rayvanny  | Relationships

Last year was not a rosy one for Rayvanny and her then baby mama and girlfriend who goes by Fayhyanny to rhyme with his ex-lover’s name. She still keeps the name a year later which clearly shows she is not yet over him.

November is a month the two will leave to remember. The couple had a bitter spilt over Rayvanny allegedly cheated on her then girlfriend with another woman. As the tough episode unveiled she sent him a message asking him to forget about her and their son. 

The message heightened the tension between the then split couple and their fans clearly knew it would be hard for them to mend the relationship. It also exposed some rocky details the couple had endured for a while up to that moment. It seemed like their marriage had been rocky for a while .

Rayvanny responded by insinuating  that his then baby mama was craving for a fancy life which he might not have been able to afford at the time, making her seem like a gold digger of sorts.

Now after over 7 months, it seems Rahyvanny  is missing her baby daddy because the recent  TikTok video she shared puts everything in perspective. In the clip, she makes it clear that she has exactly Rayvanny wants and will bring him back to her.

‘’I got that thing that is going to make you come back all this boom in my system that y’all keep on reveling…’’
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Lately, a few people have been  thirsting in these streets , could Fahyvanny be in that category or is she really trying to get her man back and build a fresh relationship from the ground up? Your answer is as good as mine, only time will tell.

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