Prof Hamo Thirsts Over Jemutai

Is this a sign?

By  | Sep 21, 2021, 09:32 AM  | Relationships

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Comedian Prof Hamo can’t hide the fact that Jemutai is beautiful. He took it online to appreciate his baby mama’s beauty. He posted a photo of Jemutai with the caption, nimeona hii picha imerudi nihepe job, wacha niende lunch narudi. For those who don’t understand this, let me break it down for you. What Professor Hamo meant was that he was so sprung, that he had to leave work. No doubt, Jemutai is very pretty. But the fact that it is Prof Hamo who is noticing that, raises a lot of questions. 

In the photo, Jemutai was wearing a white skater dress with her hands on her waist. Her hair was beautifully done and she wore a big smile on her face. Wait, did I talk about the heels? Girl, can I borrow them once you are done?

Also, isn’t Professor Hamo married? Or wait, he is just appreciating God’s beauty? Okay, mambo ya watu wameoa acha niachie watu wameoa waongelee.
It is really nice to see Jemutai and Prof Hamo get along just fine. After all, aren’t they co-parenting? We love to see it. Just because you are co-parenting doesn’t mean you and your baby daddy have to be fighting all the time. For the sake of the kids, can we just have peace? Maybe we could borrow a thing or two from Jemutai and Prof Hamo. Their co-parenting skill is on another level.

Jemutai’s past relationship with Prof Hamo started off on a steep slope, but they still managed to maintain the friendship that they once had. Jemutai exposed Prof Hamo of being deadbeat and failing to provide for their two kids. Immediately, the internet turned on him and asked him to act right and step up by providing for the kids he sired with Jemutai. As if this was not enough, Prof requested DNA before he could step up. His request was something that angered so many of his fans.

First forward to a couple of days and the results were out, of course, they turned positive and then Hamo decided that he was going to take care of his kids. Both of these two have been through a lot when it comes to social media backlash. Jemutai had her fair share after the blame shifted to her after Hamo quit his radio job at Hot 96.

But truth be told, all the things that happened to Jemutai seem to be a blessing in disguise. Since the expose, Jemutai has landed a number of lucrative deals from reputable brands. Also, have you noticed how she is glowing recently? With her latest Instagram pics, I don’t blame Prof Hamo, I mean, she looks really beautiful and of course men are going to be attracted by her beauty. 
We are really happy to see Hamo and Jemutai get along the way they are. We have seen so many baby drama scandals in the celebrity world I think we have had enough. For them to put the past in the past is what we are all here for. Kudos to you two! 

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