Pritty On Why She Is Yet To Replace Singer Madini Classic

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By  | Mar 18, 2023, 03:39 PM  | Pritty Vishy   | Relationships

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Content creator Pritty Vishy has come clean about her relationship status.

The influencer has revealed that she has been single for eight months now. Contrary to what her fans believe. She has been flaunting men and no one believes she has been single.

The influencer has however made it clear that she has chosen to be single saying that she is working on herself which might take a little longer and that the man who will have her will be very lucky.

"I have been single for almost 8 months since...and I am ok the way I am..the reason I choose to be single is that the man that will have me will be lucky in so many ways...I might remain single for more than I expected." 

After breaking up with Stevo, Pritty started dating singer Madini Classic. She even vixen in his songs. The couple hit the headlines for a while before finally ghosting each other.
Pritty has become a media sensation to reckon with. In a past Q&A, the influencer let it slip that she is focusing on building her brand and taking care of her younger sister after a fan asked her if she had any plans of having children.

She also vowed to take caution before introducing her boyfriend online until she was sure it was the guy she would settle with. Introducing her men to her fans does not end well. "Nitamficha kama bangi." She said.

Pritty also refuted claims that she is bisexual, the rumors started spreading after she was caught kissing her long-time friend, fellow TikToker, and Instagram sensation Becky Akinyi.

"To be honest with you all am straight, and stop saying that I joined elijibitikiu. It's not a bad thing to be there, but for me, I'm straight." Pritty said.
Pritty has a way of leaving her fans confused, just last month on Valentine's she trolled her ex's wife saying that she does not recognize their marriage.

In a Q&A session with her followers, one fan asked her what she feels about Stivo announcement that he is married. 

Pritty pointed out that she does not recognize that marriage since for there to be a marriage there has to be a wedding and since there was none, then she does not recognize the marriage. 

"Mimi marriage najua ni lazima kukue na harusi kama sio ivo iyo ni come we stay na hapo hakuna ndoa,"she said.

She then went on to add to that post by saying, "You all were like Pritty you haven't moved on,saa saaii imejidhihirisha wazi that someone's husband hasn't moved on.

Just one word for the wife or girlfriend uko kwake lakini hatawai kufikiria vile ananifikiria. You can never beat Pritty Vishy."

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