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She's off the market boys

By  | Sep 07, 2021, 02:58 PM  | Relationships

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Anita Nderu is off the market after she and her fiance, Barret Traftery held their traditional wedding known as a ruracio. You can bet there are a lot of sad men ruing their wasted chances but Anita Nderu is one happy lady.

The couple even went as far as to create a website to aid them in the organising of their wedding. It is actually a very creative way to make things work with all the travel restrictions and the fact that people are coming in from different parts of the world.

The traditional bride price ceremony was held over the weekend and she was excited to have her husband be more than just formally introduced to her family but to also have him embrace her culture. Nothing says romance quite like a man willing to take part in a culture that is outside his own for the sake of love.

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And theirs has been the type of romance that forms the plot of a love comedy. They first started dating at the height of the Corona restrictions. A brilliant story really: Their best friends put them in a WhatsApp group together then exited the group giving them the chance to get to know each other better.

Suffice to say they didn't let that opportunity slip by. And how could they? They were staring at the emptiness the lockdown occasioned in everyone's life. So there wasn't really much standing in the way of love. You can almost hear the romantic music playing to set the mood right?

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And the kicker is that Anita Nderu had previously announced that she was a member of the LGBTQ community before Eros struck her with his arrow and she met her own prince charming. And the ceremony was equally as charming. It was held in Dumbuini at the Fort Smith Gardens and Barrett had to do fun things like pick out his lady from a line-up of four fully covered ladies.

The ceremony also featured some of her celebrity friends such as Sarah Hassan who was part of the bridal party. The ladies were all dressed in amazing African print dresses that featured white, yellow and reddish-brown patterns.

The wedding day is fast approaching and will have a blue theme. Anita Nderu also wants her female guests to rock flat shoes. This is actually a very smart decision as she will be having the wedding in Nanyuki.

"We want you to have a fun-filled day, full of love, laughter, dancing, food and champagne!"
This is just what a dream wedding is all about. Even I am now dreaming about my own wedding and how I would love to host the day. But we here at Kelebrity wish Anita Nderu and her fiance the best of luck as they embark on their married life together.

The reception will take place at the same venue in Nanyuki and will ideally run from 6 PM straight to 10 PM but knowing how weddings never ever run as scheduled, this will no doubt be subject to change depending on how things flow.

A beautiful blushing bride and a beautiful ceremony. We all pray the weather holds up so Anita can enjoy her day to the fullest extent.

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