Nyashinski Has This To Say After Wife Weight Loss

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By  | Mar 22, 2021, 02:55 PM  | Nyashinski  | Relationships

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Kenya musical artist Nyamari Ongegu commonly known as Nyashinski has come out to praise his wife Zia Bett after she losing weight.

The singer noted that Bett inspires him for the work ethic she put during the weight loss process.

"Great job queen! I've seen you put in the work and you inspire me. You are beautiful, always," Nyashinski wrote on an Instagram post.

The praises from Nyashinski to Bett came after, his wife took to social media revealing how she struggles to lose weight a year after giving birth.

In a long Instagram post, Bett revealed that she loved taking care of their newborn, she hated looking fat, a feeling she never wanted to last for long.
Zia Bett before and after weight loss. Photo Instagram

"After bringing life into this world, anything beyond taking care of a newborn is a favor 🤷🏾‍♀️ Though, I vividly remember looking in the mirror & just hating how I looked and felt. I didn't wanna feel like that anymore. I knew I could look better, I knew I could feel better," she wrote.

Bett noted that the best thing to do if you ever felt bad about your body weight regardless of whether one has given birth or not is to "break that mental cage".

She notes that healthy eating, working out and keto among other things are challenging but discipline and sacrifice is key to weight loss.

"I've tried keto/healthy eating/working out so many times & it does get overwhelming to imagine your life without all those delicious things, or just magically going to the gym every day, but just put your mind to that ONE day," she explained.

"Today, I'm eating healthy" & that's all you focus on that day. Tomorrow will figure itself out. Then do the same thing the next day & the next day. When the day gets hard, break it down to hours. "This hour I'm eating healthy" etc until you acquire that discipline."
Nyashinski and his wife Zia Bett. Photo Courtesy

According to her, she decided to share her journey of weight loss and staying healthy because those are some of the things she struggles with. Bett says that by sharing her experience she hoped to inspire people.

"I feel strongly to share my journey cause I know weightloss/staying healthy is a battle we all struggle with. I'll strive to be as real as possible, in the hopes that I'll inspire even if it's one person," she said.

For Betty, it seems charity has started at her home, with her husband and singer Nyashinski saying she inspires her.
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