Nameless On Why His Marriage To Wahu Is Not Perfect

It is not all rosy

By  | Feb 01, 2023, 03:24 PM  | Nameless   | Relationships

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Veteran singer Nameless has left tongues wagging after revealing that her marriage to singer Wahu Kagwi is not perfect.

Nameless and Wahu have managed over the years to maintain a perfect couple image on social media, the two met 25 years ago and have been married for 17 years.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, Nameless made it known that they have learned to protect their relationship even after an argument.

"Mimi huwaambia si ati kila kitu ni perfect," he commented. "At the end of the day, we know we are parents, teammates, friends, and lovers; we protect that side." 

Earlier, Nameless had this to say about how they solved their fights, “We fight for sure. But we do it respectfully I guess… and try to resolve it quickly. We don’t agree on everything. We are learning every day to live better with each other. Because we both want happiness and peace of mind." 

The couple welcomed their third child, welcoming their daughter to the family. Nameless stated that he is proud to be a father to girls, 'baba girls' shutting down trolls who asked him to have sons.

He said that he wants his legacy to be that of a father who brought up three daughters in the best way he can. 

"Saa zingine tunajiangusha na traditions that are outdated... I understand that we have been taught to follow our culture or tradition without question, but the truth is we are supposed to use our wisdom to identify the parts of our culture that are unfair or unprogressive and let them go. 

As we adopt more progressive, fair, and better ways of thinking and living. Cultural evolution is where my leadership flourishes... Guys, don't just follow beliefs without questioning and looking for better ways of living together as people...let's evolve buana." He lamented.

Her wife also confirmed that she was happy with her kids, and she stated that she would not want them any other way. . The mother of three made it clear that she is happy and content with her three girls, and she is okay being without a boy.

She said this while responding to one of her fans, who asked her if she still planned on having a boy child. Wahu responded and said not at all since she is happy and content.

The couple has proved that celebrities can have long-lasting marriages amidst social media chaos and celebrity break-ups and divorces.

To celebrate their 17th anniversary, the couple gushed over each other, and netizens were eager to see what gifts they would give each other, but they chose not to share. Wahu had also lamented that she was yet to receive her push gift.

They have remained role models to many couples, and their lifestyle is admirable, from their relationship with their relatives to their kids. Nameless recently revealed that he was teaching Tumi how to drive a car.

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