Nadia Reveals The Number Of Children She Wants From Arrow Bwoy

Three is not a bad number

By  | Apr 26, 2022, 12:51 PM  | Relationships

Nadia Reveals The Number Of Children She Wants From Arrow Bwoy
Nadia Mukama is enjoying motherhood to the fullest, which is going by her recent revelation when she had a Q&A session with her followers on Instagram. 

The new mother was answering questions from her fans when one of them asked if she would like to have more kids and Nadia was quick to respond that she wants to have three kids. 

Despite the fact that she is a happy mother the mother of one revealed that raising a child is not easy from the experience she has had in the last few weeks. 

In fact, she joked saying that the government should give mothers an allowance for the work they do in raising children. I know many would agree with this because indeed parenting is a task.

Nadia and Arrow Bwoy received their bundle of joy a few weeks ago after going through a terrible struggle of losing their first child through miscarriage.  

In a past interview, she said that was one of the hardest things she had to go through in her life, added to the fact that the news of her miscarriage was leaked to the public against her will by Jalang'o.  

The comedian later apologized as he was not aware that Nadia had suffered a miscarriage when he was announcing that to the public. 

The loss of their first child inspired the couple to launch a foundation called Lola and Safari foundation. The key objective of this foundation is to help young mothers through pregnancy and motherhood. The foundation is working in partnership with health facilities such as RFH.

When asked about how Arrow Bwoy is helping with the baby Nadia surprised many by saying that he has bathed the baby more times than her. What a good and responsible father.

Nadia's revelation just affirms how strong their relationship is, as just recently in an interview with Obinna Arrow Bwoy revealed that he does not mind Nadia going through his phone since he has nothing to hide. 

The singer also said Nadia has no problem with him checking through her phone pointing out that though she is okay going through her messages he still doesn't like doing that because it would end up raising trust issues between them. 

Arrow Bwoy and Nadia dated for more than two years before they received their baby boy. He narrated to Obinna that the two started vibing after the release of their hit song and one thing led to another and they found themselves in a relationship. The couple got engaged a few weeks ago though Nadia says Arrow Bwoy has not yet the bride price. 

Nadia just released a song in appreciation of her baby called Zawadi. According to the description on Youtube Nadia says the song is to appreciate the people in our life seeing them as a gift from God.


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