Nadia On Whether She Plans To Get More Babies

Seems Kai will have to wait a while for siblings.

By  | Nov 23, 2022, 06:53 PM  | Nadia Mukami  | Relationships

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Nadia Mukami has big plans for her the short term future, and getting more kids are not among them.

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The Radio Love singer became a first time mommy this year when she welcomed her son Haseeb Kai whom she shares with Arrow Bwoy. On the eve of Kai turning 8 months tommorow (November 24), Nadia has been opening up to her fans in an Instagram Q&A.

When asked about baby number two, Nadia shared that she doesn't want it within the next five years. "Maybe after like 5 years sitaki saa hii! Eh! It's a huge sacrifice."

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Nadia has been back to her pre-pregnancy busy schedule recently. Since her maternity hiatus earlier in the year, she has managed to release new music including her ode to her son, Kai Wangu. She has also gotten back to live performances and judging the Tusker Nexters talent search show.

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Nadia is currently working on her album which she has promised her fans to drop in early 2023. It's no surprise that with all that on her plate, including raising her tiny tot, she just doesn't have time for another pregnancy in the short term. But maybe Arrow Bwoy has different plans. After all, she has previously revealed that she wants to bear him three children. Tick, tock!

CS Or Natural?

Recently, Nadia hopped on Instagram to get real about being a first-time parent and revealed some very intimate details. In an 'ask me anything' session with her fans, Nadia dished on everything from her moments of labour to her pregnancy cravings, to her parenting secrets.

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On adding weight: Sijawahi pita 55 saa hii niko 63 because I am breastfeeding exclusively. So I have to eat a looooot! Every now and then. It's a sacrifice man juu I don't want to lack milk! Breastfeeding is woooork eh! It's not as easy as it seems! Actually you gain more weight during breastfeeding than during pregnancy!

On breastfeeding for the first time: Tickleish but I thank God nilipata maziwa right away.

On tearing during childbirth: Nope I went through CS

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Reaching for body goals

In October, Nadia revealed that she has been avoiding doing many posts on social media because she has been feeling uncomfortable with her post-partum body.

When Nadia came back for her first post-pregnancy live show back in July, she was famously roundly mocked for her stage outfit- a bodysuit that was clearly a size smaller for her new body with the extra baby weight.

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"I am trying yo get to 60KGs!it's sooo hard losing weight! Don't get it twisted I love the new thick me exclusive of mummy pouch, double chin and my wrestling built like arms😄 I struggled with my weight, I even don't post a lot of photos and I had so much of client work because I was soo insecure😭 ," she wrote.
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