More Love: Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy Enjoy America

Still going strong despite the rumours

By  | Sep 13, 2021, 02:24 PM  | Nadia Mukami  | Relationships

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Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy are spending more time together than ever before as they enjoy their time together in America. And it is just melting our hearts to see them so in love... Nothing better than young love -am I right?

This follows what was a confusing weekend as Nadia Mukami had made some moves that many thought indicated an end to their relationship. She had deleted the photos of themselves together from her social media pages. This had us all worried. I mean, this is usually the first step for most relationships that cues us in on the fact that not everything is right between the couple.

Then she took to posting some of those quotes that talk about being cheated on and appreciating that you deserve better. I mean, we both know the type of posts right? And so a lot of her fans and followers, not to mention other reporters assumed that this was her way of calling off their relationship. Heh! Even us here at Kelebrity were worried but we decided to hold our tongues until we knew better. We don't want to be part of the committee dispensing fake news now do we?

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And why did she choose to use the cheating posts? Especially knowing what Edgar Obare had said about Arrow Bwoy? Talk about toying with perceptions... You can imagine the type of comments Arrow Bwoy woke up to must have been... Ooooh! I can't say I envy him.

So when Arrow Bwoy came online, he was bombarded with the news. His DMs were flooded and the accusations had already gone halfway around the world. You know, questions such as How could you do it? What did you do? Situliwaambia mtawachana tu?!

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So he decided to go live and host a QnA session on Instagram Live. That was a very interesting session as most -if not all- the questions seemed to be more interested in that very topic. When he finally addressed it, he claimed to have no idea what all the fuss was about.

He then tried to call piece together what was happening and he visited Mpasho who had run an article about their breakup. He then tried to Facetime his lady love, his boot thang, Nadia Mukami. He however was unable to get a hold of her. He then blasted Mpasho for what he termed as nonsense (ufala) and then denied anything had happened to the effect of him being newly single.

So can you imagine how exciting it was for us to see them not just spending time together but the fact that they are sharing such intimate moments with us, their adoring fans... Talk about being front row and centre.

So why did Nadia Mukami purge Arrow Bwoy's images from her IG page? who can say apart from her? But be sure we are going to try and get to the bottom of that puzzling enigma. And you'll be the first person we tell.

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