Murugi Munyi And Hubby Celebrate Anniversary Separately

Together apart.

By  | Mar 13, 2023, 12:18 PM  | Relationships

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Murugi Munyi celebrated a lonely sixth wedding anniversary over the weekend.

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The Instagram influencer formerly known as Yummy Mummy left  heartwarming wishes to her hubby Zach who recently relocated to the UK. Murugi compared Zach to her childhood crush Idris Elba, and pledged her loyalty to him even if they're currently separated by oceans.

"I manifested 😂 6 years married to the love of my life, my soulmate, my roommate (though this element has temporarily halted 🙃), my bestfriend. In another reality, in another lifetime, I’d still choose you. Over and over and over again. May God give us many more years together ❤️"
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Murugi and Zach's marriage survived a wild cheating scandal that ensnared a Sporpesa bigwig and a literal sexy nurse.

The merry-go-round cheating scandal centered on Murugi and her husband Zach. A lady called Nurse Judy recently came out swinging at Murugi accusing her of inciting her now ex-husband to leave her because of the affair she had with Zach.

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She exposed Murugi herself for also cheating on Zach with at least three men- including her former boss at Sportpesa called Kevin Twissa. According to Nurse Judy, Murugi was the one who cheated first, before Zach got into a revenge affair with her.

Nurse Judy even claimed to have some embarrassing evidence of Murugi's affair with Kevin Twissa; including a video of Murugi entertaining Twissa's lactating fetish by squeezing and spraying her breast milk during the period when she was nursing her youngest child Mutana.

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Nurse Judy recently walked out of her own marriage after a year of trying to make it work. She confessed that the guilt from her affair with Zach became unbearable and that her husband constantly used it for emotional manipulation. It seems that her fresh divorce has given her freedom to come out and say everything that went on during that scandalous period of multiple infidelities that centered on Murugi and her husband Zach.

Murugi has a son Ethan, and two daughters Tana and Mukeni. She revealed that she co-parents with her baby daddy and allows his son to spend time with his other family.

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"Gotta be honest, I’m not doing that great 😂 but I’ve read a lot about how people manage such enormous transitions in their lives and I know that this is part of the process. Some days are better than others. 
Some days I wake up feeling hopeful and strong. On other days I wake up feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. So far, I’ve survived 100% of all the days whichever mood I’ve found myself in so I guess I’d say I’m doing pretty alright.. yeah? Yeah," the mother-of-three said.
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