Mr Seed And Nimu Deeper Than The Ocean

Nothing will separate these lovebirds

By  | Sep 13, 2021, 03:51 PM  | Mr Seed  | Relationships

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Mr Seed and his wife, Nimu Gachuiri were showcasing their love at his recent album launch party and we must say we adore the couple. Nimu Gachuiri was glowing and her dress was a resplendent, flowing yellow sequin dress. Stunning! And the way the dress sat on her? I stan for her tailor. It fit her body so well! Accentuated the right assets if you catch my drift.

And wow, oh wow, her hair was natural and sat like a crown, keeping with the African theme. She came to slay and she wasn't about to be shy about it. Her makeup was exquisitely done -this was not the day to have any mishaps as all eyes were on her and Mr Seed.

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Mr Seed launched his album, Black Child successfully much to the cheer of the adoring audience but his relationship with Nimu Gachuiri was what was at the heart of everyone's narrative. We wanted to know the what, where, who and how of a certain little story... Ama nadanganya?

To be honest with you, it was with good reason as in the past, courtesy of Edgar Obare he had been exposed as having strayed from the marriage. This kicked up a storm. One that threatened one of our favourite couples.

I was heartbroken for Nimu Gachuiri because she is a true ride or die. I know someone who would refer to her as "old testament material". She had stuck by her man's side when he had nothing to show for his craft and even when he had beef. So for her to be done this dirty was like a punch to the gut.

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The scandal was blown out of proportion even further when it emerged that the lady in question was preggers. Eish! And she has in fact given birth to a healthy baby but Mr Seed insisted he would only part with child support after they have a paternity test done.

Nimu Gachuiri stood strong in her dignified silence through it all. But she began moving different -she stopped posting photos of her man and only posted content about herself and their child. This fuelled not just assumptions but gossip too.

To see them not only having survived infidelity but come from it that much more stronger is amazing. It is a testament that when two people want to choose love, nothing can stand in their way.

So I watched as she danced with her friend, her partner, the father of her son. I watched as Mr Seed and Nimu celebrated their win and my heart was a-pitter patter. Who doesn't like a good love story?

Actually, that is an actual question because everyone celebrated their love. It quite literally stole the show. A culmination of all their struggles leading them up to this win. The very definition of "for better or for worse".

And on that note, we can now start yelling and asking them when the wedding is. I want my invite. I am too invested in this beautiful relationship to be forgotten!

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