Michelle Ntalami Uses Her Body To End Arguments

What a lucky boyfriend she has

By  | Feb 11, 2022, 08:13 AM  | Relationships

Michelle Ntalami
Voluptuous beauty Michelle Ntalami has revealed how she uses her body to get out of arguments with her boyfriend. 

She made this revelation via her Instagram Stories where she embedded a text post with Ghanaian musician, Kidi’s hit song Touch it, that quotes one of the lyrics from the song.

The text post asked a very sensual question, the question was how many people would stop mid-argument to bend over (if you know, you know) for their men and everyone's favorite CEO used the hands up emoji to let her followers know that she is subscribed to the notion of making love instead of war. 

There have been a lot of speculations as to whom Michelle is dating ever since she revealed that she is attracted to men after her publicised breakup with her long-term lover, Makena Njeri. The Marini Naturals CEO made this revelation on her Instagram Stories recently while holding a question and answer session with her fans. 

Michelle reveals what she likes

The beautiful businesswoman was holding a question and answer session with her followers on her Instagram page when one fan asked a question about her sexual orientation.

Michelle took the question in stride and revealed that she is “androsexual”. She revealed that this is someone who is attracted to men or people with masculine energy.

When she was asked whether she would date men, the star responded with a resounding yes. There we go people you can go ahead and shoot your shots now that one of the hottest CEOs in Nairobi has revealed her sexual preference. 

Could he be the lucky man

Following her revelation, it looks like Michelle Ntalami is hooked on love again. If her recent posts are anything to go by, then Michelle is happily taken. She recently posted a photo of her hugging DJ Mista Dru of Hot 96 on her Insta story with the caption "Happy birthday main."
Ascreenshot of Michelle Ntalami and Dj Dru

The photo was taken over the weekend at the birthday party of the Dj. In attendance were other celebrities like Lilian Muli together with her ex-husband Jared Obongi whom they have appeared to be mending their relationship lately.

She went further to explain that she had one of the most memorable experiences at the party. Something she has not had in a long time.
Michelle further posted a video of her and the birthday boy dancing intimately to some Tupac rap song. Do you think DJ Mista Dru is the lucky man with Michelle all to himself? 

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