Mejja: "I Will Never Date Again"

Too much heartbreak

By  | Sep 29, 2021, 07:39 PM  | Relationships

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Mejja just disclosed that he will not date again and well, you’d be right to believe him.

Mejja revealed this today when he uploaded a selfie on his Instagram and captioned it pretty simply, wishing a good night to his fans. A fan later commented, jokingly telling him not to spend his nights alone. Mejja responded with a hilarious joke –he said that he had left all things romance to Telemundo. And then wished him a good night in turn!

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Now, you may be surprised about his news, but the truth is you should have probably seen it coming.

Mejja has spoken about his traumatic past relationships numerous times and often does not hesitate to explain why he currently does not have a girlfriend.

A few months ago, Mejja was a guest on Tuko Talks the YouTube channel that is famously known for the inspiring guests it invites on the regular. While talking to former host Lynn Ngugi, Mejja gave a tear-jerking testimony on how he and his ex-wife ended up separating.

He told her that after five years, he had never expected her to walk out on him, saying that the two were never a quarrelsome couple, and up until then, he believed things were good between them.

Mejja continued that he was meant to sign a contract with a well-known brewing organization in Thika that would bring in a cool mint when his wife sent him an ominous text that simply said he should move on with his life. He added that he originally thought the message was meant for another person, but later found out this was not the case when he came back home and she wasn’t there, and neither was his daughter who was much younger then.

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He confessed that he fell into such a deep depression after this incident that he contemplated suicide numerous times. For him, life did not make any sense without his family and expressed to Lynn that he wished the kind of happiness she wanted was one he could purchase at a store, saying that he would do it without a second thought, but adding that he hoped that she had found what she was looking for. 

Mejja soon introduced another girlfriend to his fans a few months after that but that relationship did not last either.

After the release of Dear Ex, his banger featuring Bahati, Mejja’s ex-girlfriend revealed the reasons why their relationship could not work out, albeit subliminally. Mejja did not react or respond.

Ever since Mejja has neither been seen with nor heard of being involved with any woman and has remained single for the entirety of this year. 

It seems like he is just focused on his music. It most certainly has been working out for him. So much so in fact, that he is almost regarded as the Kenyan DJ Khaled –Every single song he features in becomes a club hit without a hitch!

Being single looks good on him, he just might be serious about this.
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