The Latest Hot Couple In Town?

Cartoon Comedian and Crazy Kennar stun fans

By  | May 28, 2021, 04:26 AM  | Relationships

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When love knocks, you answer, don't you?
Well, it seems the two lastest and hottest skit comedians on these Instagram streets answered as well.

The 'inaniaffect' artist and the 'bedsitter' comedian may have decided to finally announce to their loyal fans that they are in fact, a couple.
The two made their relationship's first debut while filming for an episode of Baze Creator's garage.
They took gorgeous photos with the one ensemble that only Kenyan couples know how to make look good -matching vitenges.
The pics depicted cartoon comedian in a beautiful off-the-shoulder gown with short sleeves, tied-back hair, and makeup done to perfection, and her new boo thang Crazy Kennar in a simple black trouser and printed shirt combo. They both had large dazzling red flowers as their prints.

Each of their comments on the photos was 
"crazy_kennarMAPENZI YA 30!!! @cartoon.comedian"
Obviously, owing to their comedian backgrounds, a funny quip was to be expected.
The two have been working together for a while now, occasionally tagging along in the other's videos and though Kennar tends to have a large number of women in his videos, he seems to be posting Cartoon's pictures way more often than the rest... Interesting.
Could it be that the two had been dating for years now but it's just now that they have decided to make the relationship public?

There were a number of comments under their pictures some from fellow Riverwood bigwigs the likes of Jacky Vike and King Kaka edging the couple on, saying things like a man and his woman or praising them on a successful relationship. Their fans were also not left behind, many of whom were surprised to find out that the two were dating.
Cartoon Comedian just recently went viral again for a video with three of her close friends
The two have also collaboed in many projects together so while it would be immensely satisfying for comedy to finally have a power couple ready to take the industry to a mother digital level.
where they made a parody of how Swahili movies usually go, the video was shared so far on social media, the video now has over two hundred and fifty thousand views! as if that was not enough, she has been receiving endorsements left and right from organizations that believe in her image. Go her!

Crazy Kennar has been a bit down low on the social media viral scale, but that has only been because he is busy working on endorsements as well, some of them in collaboration with the Cartoon as well!

We are yet to be fed any more of their romance but if it is so, many of their fans are here for the shenanigans and funny videos that are yet to his our social media screens!
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