Meet Mrs. Simple Boy, Gee

Who is she?

By  | Aug 01, 2022, 10:44 AM  | Relationships

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Stevo Simple Boy has been put through the ringer when it comes to his love life in 2022. He dated Pritty Vishy, but later dramatically broke up with her after she repeatedly cheated multiple times on him.

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Later, he had to watch as his ex girlfriend bagged herself a new musician boyfriend as Vishy and Madini Classic announced their relationship. But not before she had her fair share of rebound guys (or mubabaz, to be exact).

All the while Stevo remained single while he healed. But just days ago, Stevo proved that he is not afraid to get back in the game- and even win the whole thing. Stevo now has a finacé after he proposed to a mystery girl, the so-called Mrs. Simple Boy. And we are here for it.

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But who is Stevo's new girl and what is she all about? Well, thanks to a lot of Instagram digging and help from eagle-eyed Kelebrity fans we found all that out. Here’s a breakdown.

Meet Gee
The first thing to know about Mrs. Stevo Simple Boy is that her name is Gee, and no, she is a Taita lady as Stevo has been hinting for the past week.

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Stevo has not himself disclosed Gee's names. He has only introduced her as Mrs. Simple Boy and even launched an Instagram page for her.

"Usimdharau mtuu kwa upungufu wake... Wakanitusi kwa bezo lakini uliniambia nisichoke kujaribu kimziki na kimaisha mungu atazidia... Sina kitu lakini nimebarikiwa na wewe... Aliye umba upendo ndiye aliyeumba na mengine ❤️❤️❤️... Wanatubeza na Sisi tunapendeza @mrs_simpleboyofficial"
"Mwanaume sio hela ila ni kujitahidi, bidii na heshima...mimi nakuombea Sana kipenzi mungu akufungilie njia na akuzidishie pale unapo pungukiwa."
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But, some Kelebrity fans spotted and knew her from the proposal video. And we managed to dig and find some older photos of Gee.

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Not much is known about what Gee does professionally but an upcoming rapper has caused drama after coming out to claim that Stevo Simple Boy stole his girlfriend. The rapper called Rapdon has been posting online insisting that Stevo's new fiancé is his ever since the famous proposal video popped up online.

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He even posted receipts, providing pictures and TikTok videos of him and Mrs. Simple Boy looking intimate.
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