Makena Njeri Moves On From Michelle Ntalami

Love is in the air

By  | Dec 16, 2021, 05:40 PM  | Relationships

Makena Njeri
This year has been very eventful for Makena Njeri, the journalist who recently came out as gay has been embroiled in a messy public breakup with her now ex-lover Michelle Ntalami.
A month back, Michelle took to Instagram to share a three-part open letter that exposed Makena as a cheater. In the letters, Michelle alleged that Makena was cheating on her with two other women; a “public figure” and a medical professional.
Screenshot of Michelle exposing Makena.

Is She the “public figure” 

Suspicions started to arise that the two were dating when following Michelle’s open letters a “public figure” by the name Karen Kaz Lucas took to Instagram to mock the Marini Natural CEO. Kaz took to Instagram to post her own open letter.
Screenshot of Kaz and Makena mocking Michelle
Kaz’s letter only had one part. What fuelled the rumors that she was dating Makena further was the fact that she commented on the post.  
Weeks later and the two are now flaunting their love for each other all over Instagram. Kaz recently took to Instagram to shower her “pumpkin” with love. She posted a photo of Makena and accompanied it with a heartfelt caption.
Kaz described her relationship with Makena, noting that she was appreciative of when they came into her life and that their relationship is full of love.
Makena responded to her new catch noting that she was also appreciative of the love that she was receiving from her. Makena revealed their new catch's pet name to be “carrot”. Aki mapenzi wewe.

Who is Kaz Karen?

Karen Kaz Lucas, according to a statement on her official website, is a well-known figure in Kenya's arts and culture scene. She started her career as a vocalist in the early 2000s and has since won accolades and run creative initiatives and projects in the performing arts, video production, digital marketing, and cutting-edge events that have shaped the industry standard.
The statement adds that Kaz has spent her entire life working to change the way young people are taught about sex education.

She established The Spread Podcast, a sex-positive podcast that gives a safe space for people to explore their sexuality and learn to live boldly in awareness of their sexual identity, driven by this passion and aided by her media background.
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