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My One and Only Michelle

By  | May 27, 2021, 03:03 PM  | Relationships

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Despite the two being trolled online for their friendship, Makena and Michelle have stayed solid and as close as ever.

On Thursday, Makena Njeri wrote a heartfelt message to Michelle thanking her for never leaving her side.

On the message posted on her Instagram feed, Makena recalls how she was trolled for over 3 months for coming out as a gay woman but Michelle kept reminding her that she should stay strong.

“…Our relationship and friendship was questioned so many times and you were dragged on the mud together with me so many times but not once did you fail to stand by me. Thank you for being a true friend through it all…” read part of the message.

The two have been on numerous occasions questioned about their relationship seeing as to how close they are. There have been several rumours claiming that the two are secretly dating but up until now there is no concrete evidence to support them. The two have yet to deny or confirm them.

In fact, the two have been linked to different partners on different occasions. Michelle was previously linked to having a romantic relationship with Dan Sonko but there wasn’t enough proof. On the other hand, a recent scandal involving Makena and her ex-girlfriend circulated the internet after the ex-partner accused Makena of cheating on her with Makena.

However, it is worth noting that on one occasion, Michelle clarified that she is only into men. In a Ask Me a Question session with her followers on Instagram, a fan asked her whether she preferred male or female attention. 

To which she responded, "Hahaha…This question cracked me up. Attention from both men and women, yes. What do I prefer? Men. Case closed."

Makena’s LGBTQ Organization

The post to Michelle comes only a few weeks after Makena launched her organization, Bold Network Africa, which aims to educate people about the LGBTQ community.

According to Makena, Michelle was a big part in helping to launch the firm. Makena was involved in the discussions held to form the organization and in the making of the logo and website for the company.

Honestly speaking, we can’t help but feel the love between these two – whatever their relationship is. 

We all need a friend like Michelle in our lives. A BFF who will be with you through thick and thin. Do you have someone in your life like Michelle?

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