The Internet Is Laughing At Lillian Ng'ang'a

Did she choose wisely?

By  | Sep 20, 2022, 08:22 AM  | Lilian Ng'ang'a  | Relationships

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How tables have turned. One year ago, Alfred Mutua was an outgoing governor headed nowhere fast. And Lillian Ng'ang'a was his concubine that every man wanted.

Eventually, he lost her to a rapper when Juliani managed to snag her from him, causing a media frenzy with the most unlikely love triangle scandal ever. Alfred became the butt of all internet jokes after Juliani, not only stole his girl, but also married and impregnated her in under 12 months. Lillian suggested it was the best decision she ever made.

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But like in the classic tale of the hare and the tortoise, you can never underestimate cunning and cleverness. After all, they refer to Alfred as 'Kavaluku', which in his native Kambaland means 'Hare'. One year later, the man has somehow found a way to turn a 180 on his waning political career, and thanks to his clever aligning with the winning team of August's general election, he finds himself at the high seats of government and power.

Alfred is currently out of the country to represent Kenya at the UN General Assembly. And Andrew Kibe couldn't help pointing out the contrast between Alfred's new life and his ex's current man, Juliani. The controversial podcaster stirred the waters by comparing the lifestyles of Juliani and Alfred more than a year after Lilian Ng'ang'a left the politician for the musician. According to Kibe it looks like that was the best thing that happened to Alfred going by how his life has turned around.

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"Probably the best thing to happen to this mohine was that kastro leaving him. He be rolling governmental now while the other is back home babysitting. Gaddamn!"
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And now, the whole internet is piling on Lillian, seemingly agreeing with Kibe's sentiment. And many think that time has proven her choice to leave Alfred at his lowest and shack up with Juliani to be a bad decision.
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