Karen Nyamu Taking Samidoh To Court

"Unajua venye tuvidole twake ni tu-sharp"

By  | Aug 10, 2021, 01:56 PM  | Relationships

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And the story continues.

Earlier today we woke up to popular lawyer Karen Nyamu making rounds on the internet with a terribly swollen face after going a couple of rounds with now one-time domestic violence boxer lightweight champion, Samuel Ndinrangu, mugithi music star popularly known as Samidoh.

The mugithi star beat the three-months pregnant lawyer to a pulp, after apparently finding her having cheated, and lying that she was in Mombasa on a job related trip, when she was instead hiding in one of the rooms in her Caren home, pregnant with Samidoh's child, now three months old.

This has been the trending story making rounds on the internet since morning and everyone has been riding on it. We at Kelebrity earlier published the latest information to the story.


Now that you're all caught up, here are the latest developments on this terrible domestic violence scandal. After sharing a video on her Instagram page showing her beat up face to her followers saying that women should stop empowering rich men and letting them take control over their lives, everyone went off talking about this case.

Now, just a few hours ago, Karen Nyamu took to her Instagram page once again to share the latest developments on her face and the work that Samidoh's fists have done. On the video she shows the swollen parts and even goes an extra mile to narrate what kind of blow inflicted which kind of damage and on which part of the face, and true to her word, Samidoh did do a number on her face. (Video uploading shortly).

"Hebu ona ata niko na nundu hapa. Hii ni ngumi na unajua vile tuvidole twake ni tu-sharp. Hii sijui ni ngumi pia, Ngai! Mimi ata sikumbuki, nakumbuka tu stars. Black eye mbili, sio moja," a sad recovering Karen Nyamu said.
She goes on to add that she must take legal action and this has to be now. This comes moments after we shared with you our loyal readers about the real reason why Samidoh beat her in the first place, as this was he's side of the story. Now, we are not certain as to who's story is the real deal, but what is clear is that mistakes were made, blows were thrown, faces swollen, and now someone is going to court. This is going very badly people. Horribly bad and it makes me feel sick to my stomach to find all this very entertaining. I'm leaving.
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