Karen Nyamu Shows Baby Bump

As Samidoh goes back to first wife

By  | Aug 23, 2021, 11:11 AM  | Relationships

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After weeks of battling with his "second wife" Karen Nyamu, Samidoh has now reunited with his first wife, Edday Nderitu, and even had a performance with them yesterday. Following this, just last night Karen Nyamu took to social media to show off the huge baby bump of her pregnancy, fathered by Samidoh.

All these unraveled weeks after Karen Nyamu announced on all her social media platforms that her "husband", Mugithi singer Samidoh, had beaten her to a pulp. She even posted pictures and videos of her swollen beat-up face and her broken iPhone which she claims Samidoh threw against the wall.

She claimed that Samidoh battered her knowing very well that she is pregnant with his child. Many assumed that she was making up the story just to embarrass and get back at him but that was not the case as she has clearly revealed.

She posted a video and photo of her baby bump, hours after Samidoh got back together with his first wife. As Samidoh shared videos of his first family and himself having the time of their lives at his concert, left-out Karen Nyamu was taking photos of her huge baby bump to post on the same social media pages later that night. Some kind of message this seems to be.

All this is rather confusing because the two (Samidoh and Karen Nyamu) have been trying to work things out after the alleged physical fight that they had some two weeks ago. Samidoh has been appearing on TV interviews addressing the matter, saying that fights are a part of life and actually essential in relationships.

Karen Nyamu even shared a photo of a new iPhone that Samidoh bought for her in replacement for the one he broke during their altercation at Keren's home in Caren. Speculations arose that the two were now back together, contrary to the latest developments in their relationship.

Karen Nyamu is now pregnant with her third child, the last two belonging to Samidoh. Her followers on social media are however not pleased with the young lawyer as the comments show.

Some have attacked her on her social media pages, commenting on the fact that she gets beaten by the singer, only for her to carry his child again. Some have called her "desperate", while others have asked her to find her own man to start her own family with.

Karen Nyamu then shared her thoughts on her IG account, speaking to her fans and followers in general.
"Sometimes God’s heavenly logic makes no earthly sense."
This seems to reflect on the current happenings in their lives right now as her friends sympathized with her in the comments section of the said post.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu's relationship seems to be going through a rollercoaster of extreme emotions and events seeing as it was just a week ago that she was threatening to take the Mugithi singer to court. And now this.

One thing I know is that this is the worst kind of situation for a pregnant lady to be in. I feel you Karen Nyamu. I feel you.

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