Karen Nyamu Endorses Samidoh

Are they back together?

By  | Mar 17, 2022, 10:28 AM  | Karen Nyamu   | Relationships

Karen Nyamu Endorses Samidoh
With the passing of Mzee Kibor, it is clear that there has been left a vacant position as far as the chairmanship of the men's conference is concerned. Well, that's not a problem because it appears yours truly Karen Nyamu has a solution to this.

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According to the Nairobi senatorial aspirant, the perfect candidate for that position is none other than her baby daddy Samidoh.

Karen has taken to social media to relay her condolences message to the family of mzee Kibor and it is there she made the suggestion. 

Sasa mnaona hio nafasi mzae amewacha vacant tupatie nani? Sijataja Samidoh, she wrote.

Her fans were excited with the suggestion as it was said on a light note raising questions if the two are back together.

Why Samidoh?

Now let us look at why Samidoh is an eligible candidate for the position of the men's conference chairman as suggested by his baby mama.

For starters just like Mzee Kibor Samidoh is a many women man. Mzee Kibor had four wives to his name. As for the Mugithi star he has two; Karen and Eddah. That is to mean if Mzee Kibor was revered for handling multiple women Samidoh has also passed that test.

Mzee Kibor had 26 children with his four wives while Samidoh is keeping up the pace as he already has five children with Eddah and Karen. His youngest is less than a month old Njeri who he had amid claims of a breakup due to uncertain paternity.

It was widely claimed that Samidoh is likely not the father, allegations Karen appeared to confirm if her comments on social media were anything to go by.

Mzee Kibor was also very monied with more than 3000 acres of land in Uasin Gishu county, property in the high-end places in Nairobi and Mombasa. When we compare to Samidoh he is not badly off as his music has been making him a fortune enabling him to even make music tours in the United States of America.

We wait to see how Samidoh will react to this endorsement by his baby mama. This could be a good sign to their followers that the two are back together after months.

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