Kamene Goro Might Have Confirmed Dating Andrew Kibe

Its in the captions.

By  | Jun 29, 2020, 07:26 AM  | Kamene Goro  | Relationships

For a while now, Kamene Goro has been teasing us about a new man in her life through a few pictures on her social media platforms. These pictures however do not reveal the man’s face so we are still trying to guess who the new catch is.
Photo Credit: Kamene Goro Instagram
Rumor has had it for long that Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe are secret lovers; and as much she continues to deny this, her body tells a different story whenever she is next to Andrew Kibe. You know how they say that body language does not lie, from observing the way these two relate, we are quite sure something is going on.

The two colleagues who work at Kiss FM hosting the same show have this chemistry that is unmatched but according to Kamene her colleague Kibe is just a good friend that always makes her happy; and judging from the few photos the two share on their pages…it’s evident that ‘happy’ is not the only glue holding this friendship.

Thanks to her latest post shared on social media, Kibe is seen starring deep into Kamene’s eyes. She goes ahead to use a caption that further proves our thoughts right.

‘’Get you a man who looks you like this!’’
Instagram embed
In the comment section most fans advised the two to date already; since they could smell the romance in the air.

It’s not the first time these two are linked to each other romantically and seeing their latest IG post did not make things any better. Kibe has also never been spotted in the company of another woman apart from Kamene which may also be the reason why most people assume she is involved with Kibe.

Anyway, as of now…we wait and see how long these two will continue denying this visible chemistry!

Photo Credit: Nairobi Wire