Kambua Shares How Hubby Supported Her For 6 Years Waiting For 1st Baby

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By  | Sep 07, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Relationships

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Singer Kambua waited for what looked like an eternity before delivering her first baby.

For six good years the singer and her hubby Jackson Mathu, waited, prayed, visited doctors, attended counseling sessions all in hopes of getting an offspring. 
And then it finally happened.
She was blessed with a grandson just when she was almost giving up. In a YouTube show called ‘Waiting Womb Trust’, Kambua opened up on how up to now she can’t share somethings she went through because of the trauma, especially, caused by social media. 
She added that despite how bad things were, her hubby never doubted that she’ll be a mother one day and kept on supporting her. 
“I had been labeled a barren woman. I would wake up to a tweet like, ‘utazaa lini’ i would post a photo and people’s comments would make me feel i am not worthy,” she said in the interview. 
“I wish we would be more sensitive with one another. I pulled away from a group I really loved because they always talked about children.”
Kambua one year after delivery. Photo:  Parents Magazine

She added: 
“My husband always told me, Kambua you are enough for me even if you don’t get children and it settled in my mind and my spirit.
Kambua hasn’t posted her son on social media because of the trauma. She wants him to make her own choices rather than forcing him into the show business. 
“I am also very protective of my son because of what i went through and i want him to grow and decide, i want an Instagram page.
“I felt let me just raise my son away from that glare away from people who would say whatever they wanted anytime. I am still on a journey to healing.
She said also her mother-in-law supported her and never bothered to quiz her about starting a family. 
“I appreciate my mother in love because when people were saying all sought of things, relatives friends, not even once did she ever ask when i was going to have kids. I remember at the dinner table she and dad would pray and thank god for saying one day we will have grandchildren in this table but never did she put that pressure on me. That was a safe space for me,” she said.

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