Kabi Wa Jesus Expresses His Insecurities With Milly

Does she trust him?

By  | Mar 09, 2023, 02:20 PM  | Relationships

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Youtube couple Kabi and Milly wa Jesus have revisited the past scandals in their married life and the impact they had on them as a couple revealing that they indeed left some wounds that are yet to heal and are straining their relationship.

In their latest Youtube video Kabi narrates that since the scandal involving him sleeping with his cousin and having a child with her, Milly has always shown some skepticism toward him. 

"Mimi hufeel nikama ulichange. Kuna scandals fulani zilikam kwa life nikaona nikama maybe unataka sasa kujua exactly kila kitu. Kuna ka honesty fulani kalikutoka; ka trust.
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The scandal blew up in 2021 when he was exposed for sleeping with and siring a child with his cousin who is known as Shiko. Sometime later, they faced more backlash after Kabi stepped on the pulpit to speak about how he had sexual relations with a number of his close relatives. Attending an interview at Dr. Ofweneke's late-night show Kabi said he was not sorry for speaking out.

"Getting the courage to speak about what happened to me was not easy and I feel so bad that some people criticized me after my testimony because they wanted me to keep quiet because it's the agenda of the enemy," he remarked.

Speaking at Reign City Chapel on Friday, July 1, the award-winning content creator noted that he did many bad things, including abusing drugs, before he got saved on September 15, 2013.

Kabi stated that he did not consult his wife Milly before he gave the testimony, adding that 40 people got saved on that day.

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"She was also shocked like everyone else. Let me tell you on that day after I gave my testimony, 40 people gave their lives to Christ. I don't feel shame. I know I'm working for one agenda, the kingdom agenda. I know God is happy, so people can say what they want," the YouTuber noted.

Further, the content creator explained that when he and his wife Milly were starting out as content creators, many brands shunned them because of their strong stance on Christianity. However, they stayed the course and God has been good to them.

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His has been viewed as a case of preaching water and drinking wine since many view the Wa Jesus family as Christian founded. This was especially because he had first denied committing such an act. He had even denied the child born from one of those relationships before he later took back his words.
That's not all,  just a few months ago the content creator posted another video while in the delivery room as his wife was giving birth, and it was also received with an uproar from fans most saying that it was wrong for him to expose his wife in the delivery room to the world.

With content creation being the couple's co-business and way of living it could be understandable but then the question that many are left asking themselves is where does one draw the line between content creation and privacy? Also, going by their actions are the Wa Jesus family still followers of Jesus?
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