Julie Gichuru Bigs Up Her "Hot And Bad Boy" Hubby

Good girls love bad boys...

By  | Dec 01, 2020, 12:49 PM  | Relationships

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Super gorgeous veteran journalist Julie Gichuru’s family is the envy of many. Today she is celebrating her 17 years in marriage with her husband.

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She shared a throwback picture of their wedding. She admitted that as each day passes, she falls even deeper in love with her husband and partner in crime. The mother of five and her hubby are slowly nearing the two-decade mark in their amazing journey and their fans love to see it.

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The lovely pair exchanged their nuptial vows on November 29th 2003 and in three weeks’ time, they will be celebrating 17 years of marriage blessed with five children.

The couple have been blessed with five children but their journey has not been a smooth one. The couple lost a son in 2015. Julie’s son chocked to death, he was the third born and was only a few months old at the time of his death.
Well, just like any other celebrity couple, fans poked their nose in their marriage years back  after word went out that her husband was abusing her. It was alleged that Julie was being physically abused but kept hiding it from the public.

However, Julie came out to refute those allegations saying Anthony Gichuru has never hit her. She in fact, described her husband as loving and caring, a man who treats her like a queen.

Last year, Julie shared some advice to couples looking for a long lasting relationship saying;

“Here are a few words of advice from a couple of OGs, together for over 20 years now. Always be best friends, have fun & laugh together, it is the best medicine. Do not take each other for granted ever; always appreciate each other.”

She added;

“Support & grow each other, seek to add value to each other in all ways. Talk through differences but make it clear they will never supersede the respect, regard & love you have for each other.”

Julie who says she married a hot bad boy from Jamhuri Boys, calls her marriage a blessing. She described him as a lion; precious friend, companion and family man.

On his birthday she wrote him some sweet words;

“You found a tiger and gave me a home in you; a haven of love, family, friendship and companionship. You are my gift. May I always be a gift for you my Simba, my precious. May I always delight your mind, body and soul on this milestone we give thanks. May you double these years with ease. Happy birthday month my love! Yours always and all ways.”

Julie Gichuru says she could not have realised her passion, were it not for her loving husband Anthony Gichuru.

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