Jowie Is A Big Liar - Jackie Maribe

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By  | Nov 21, 2020, 10:53 AM  | Relationships

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Relationships start off sweetly but the end of most are tragic and painful. Jackie Maribe’s love life is a clear example of how a relationship can mess you up.

The journalist was engaged to one Jowie Irungu and let as she herself puts it, it was a romance from hell. Jackie is not pulling any punches as she puts the record straight on how their engagement ended after being accused of murder. The two were charged with the killing of business woman Monica Kimani.

She called Jowie a liar for telling folks that they broke up while in prison. In her own words she said;

“I want to correct the fact that he said we broke up while he was still inside. We had broken up before. Let’s be honest about it. The body language in court was clear. It had happened before let’s be honest about it. He is not someone I would mad sling or anything.”
Jowie had on a previous interview claimed that they are still in contact and they are good. Maribe rubbished those claims stating;

“This man was that person for me. The one you feel like if I ever had any regrets, this is it, I don’t believe in regrets but if regret was a person that would be it.”

The journalist added that she does not like talking about her former lover because of people assuming that she is still bitter. 

“I see now he has moved on, so people are going to talk and say why are you talking about him. I don’t talk about him because I don’t want to talk about him out of sheer respect of him moving on with his life. Where we are now we charter our own paths.”

The one-year romance that also doubled as an engagement between the two, died the minute they became criminals. Jowie has been showing off his new wife on Instagram.

Maribe was once linked to lawyer Dennis Itumbi. When Jackie was on her lowest, battling the murder allegations against her and Jowie, it was Itumbi who was on her side always. She also has a child with comedian Eric Omondi. 

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