This Is Why Amira Won't Take Me Back - Jimal

Is this his biggest flaw?

By  | Aug 05, 2022, 09:15 AM  | Relationships

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Jimal Roho Safi has diagnosed the problem that is probably derailing his efforts to win back his ex wife Amira's affection. He is overbearing and vainglorious.

The famous couple are back in the headlines thanks to Jimal's recent heartfelt long apology that could have filled a booklet. Jimal's heartfelt public apology didn't go down well with Amira though as she trashed him for opening up old wounds. Amira rebuffed him saying that sorry just isn't enough to heal from his philandering.

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"That apology has taken me back to one of the darkest places I have ever been in my life because I have reflected on so much that happened in public and behind closed doors, and it has triggered a lot of emotions. It's heavy, I can't comprehend right now but I ask Allah to give me grace. Some wounds just don't heal, you have to learn how to live with them," Amira posted.

Jimal then made a desperate final attempt at winning back Amira by trying the good old reverse psychology. Posting on his Instagram stories and Tik Tok pages last week, he left subliminal messages aimed at Amira. "Maybe, I am not the best person in your life. But one day you will hear my name and say damn! He was different/ He changed," he wrote in one post.

And now, he is once again back on his bellyacher routine. Yesterday, Jimal pointed out that he may be too self-involved online. Again, her cried for Amira to take him back:

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"My problem is that I post a lot😌🥺🥺and my soulmate thinks am okay. Baby I need some love 😭🥺"

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Doomed love triangle
Famous couple Jimal Roho Safi and Amira rose to notoriety thanks to his involvement with socialite Amber Ray whom he took in as a second wife. In November 2021, Amira filed for a divorce and stated in a post that she will not allow Jimal to disrespect her again.

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The two were not in a good space after her husband Jimal had announced that he was marrying a second wife who was Amber Ray.

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Amira did not take the news well and the two co-wives would go on to battle it out on social media bashing each other via Instagram. Amber and Amira were also involved in a fight in their gated community in Syokimau where they threw insults at each other on live Instagram. It was a fight of the century that Kenyans will not forget.

Jimal had disclosed before on Jalango TV that he had been involved in various affairs outside of his marriage.

A little while later Amber Ray also bowed out of the relationship leaving Jimal swearing he is not about to date anyone else. Amber has since moved on to four other different relationships since her break up with Jimal.

After losing both Amira and Amber in less than a year, Jimal is now trying to make amends with his ex-wife and seeking a clean slate with her. In a heartfelt Saturday morning post, Jamal has reached out to apologize for the way he treated Amira.

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