Jimal And Amber Ray Go Out For A Romantic Dinner (Video)

They're still on

By  | Aug 09, 2021, 10:20 AM  | Relationships

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It has been some weeks ever since businessman Jimal Rohosafi and Socialite Amber Ray were said to have gone their separate ways, and this gave rise to many speculations. Whether they are secretly seeing each other or they actually really broke up.

The two have lately been sending each other messages, indirectly though, through their social media accounts. They have been doing this publicly, hoping the message would reach home. Just yesterday, Amber Ray took to social media to post a sexy photo of herself with a message that was clearly meant for the flamboyant businessman.
"I don’t know who needs to hear this but, This behavior of lusting after an extremely beautiful and free woman, then wanting her to tone down her sexiness and freedom once you’re together, is odd! #amberthebrand," she wrote.
Jimal Rohosafi on the other hand has not responded to this. Now, sources say that the two were spotted at a restaurant in Bamburi Beach some few days ago, happily enjoying a nice dinner together in what seemed to be a romantic get away.

The source, who shall remain un-named, claims to have seen them and even shouted their names, at which point everyone else in the restaurant noticed them and so had to hastily leave, as the crowd started greeting the couple at large

Seems to me like these two are still trying to work things out, but here we are, making it more difficult for them to do it in the watchful public eye. This is said to be the reason why Jimal posted their photo on his Instagram account writing,
"I miss her. My sweet and sour"
It is alleged that he posted this after the source shouted their name at the restaurant, bringing the public's attention to their table, therefore giving Jimal no choice but to play it his way.

Well, the secret is out. We know you are hooking up. Just enjoy your lives man. All these has happened just days after Jimal's wife was said to have travelled abroad for business. And if Amber Ray's post is anything to go by, it would seem that these two are actually in a serious "entanglement" that is slowly growing into something bigger.
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