Janet Mbugua & Eddie Ndichu Split

How sad

By  | Oct 12, 2021, 12:56 PM  | Janet Mbugua  | Relationships

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Janet Mbugua was trending the other day after she launched a center for the inua dada campaign. Inua dada campaign is aimed at raising funds for vulnerable girls who can't afford sanitary towels. So Janet was over the moon about her achievements and she thanked a few people who, according to her, she wouldn't have made it without them.

Something that fans noticed is that Janet failed to mention her hubby Ndichu and this sparked the break-up rumors even more. Ever since last year, word on the street is that these two no longer see eye to eye. Even though they have not responded to the rumors, they unfollowed each other on social media and as Janet was celebrating a milestone, Eddie was busy playing tennis and did not acknowledge Janet’s win. 

I am not saying that they have to post each other on social media to prove whatever to anyone, but from the word go, these two have always posted each other on social media and for the social media in-laws, well, they have to be updated now and then. That is the problem with celebrity couples and posting one another. Just in case something goes wrong, they will always be the first ones to know. 
The same thing has been happening with Janet and Eddie. I mean, Janet deleting all the pics that had Eddie and the two unfollowing each other. Err, am I the only one who is getting suspicious of all this?  Janet is among the celebrity journalists who have managed to keep off scandals. All through her career, her name has never been found on the wrong, compared to a number of celebrities in the same industry whose name I won’t mention today, she has managed to work without any of that. Probably why most people look up to her.
Janet and Ndichu have been married for quite some time and the two have two sons. Ethan Huru Ndichu and Mali Mwaura Ndichu. Whether Janet and Ndichu have broken up or separated, that is up to them. Whether they have broken up or not, it is up to them to decide if they would want to have their followers know whether they are together or not. As much as these two have always given their followers a glimpse of what is happening in their lives, I think the important thing is to respect them and their decisions. 

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