Nairobi Women Need Men from ‘Ushago’- Jalang'o to Kenyans

Agree or Disagree?

By  | Aug 13, 2020, 03:37 PM  | Jalang'o  | Relationships

Kiss 100 FM presenter Jalang’o came from upcountry to Nairobi to chase his dreams. In fact, he relocated from his village in Siaya County to Nairobi to escape poverty and it worked perfectly. 
In a radio discussion with fellow presenter Kamene Goro, the two argued why Nairobi women should rather avoid dating men born in Nairobi and go for men who have relocated from rural areas. 
Jalang’o and Kamene went on to argue that men originally from Nairobi are lazy and don’t like to push themselves.
“I have a friend who dated a guy for 4 years he was a Pokot guy born from the village. He came to Nairobi like 10 years and he has managed to make some good money,” said Kamene. 
“Him coming from the village meant he didn't know how to be romantic. He is just the guy for sending money for food and that was his way of communicating love.

"So when the relationship was doing downhill, she got a born tao guy who confused her because he spoke the language of love she has been seeking but the problem he is so emotional and she is like is this the man I want? It had me thinking, born tao or shagz modo?"
Jalang'o and Kamene. Photo: Twitter/Kiss100
Jalango who came to Nairobi with nothing and has managed to build an empire and make a name in the entertainment industry explained why rural men are way better. 
"When we come from shagz  to Nairobi, love is the last thing that comes on our mind. We just want to make money and make our dreams come true and help our families back at home. We come here knowing we do not have family here so you make sure you fight for your space because this is not our home, we must make it. But for the born tao, they know there is a home for them in Nairobi even when they are 40 years old, they will leave with their parents." he said. 

Adding that,
"That’s why we from shagz make it because we do not have a backup plan so we strive. That is why love is the last thing we think about but it finds us. So imagine finding a girl like you I have to understand and interpret what you are saying. When I am still trying to figure that out, the Nairobi boy has already scooped you. By the time you realize, he has moved on and found a babe who loves him as he is and he has built a house in Karen yet your Nairobi guy is still home in Langata with his parents.” 
Do agree with the two presenters? 

Cover Image: Twitter/Kiss FM