Jalas And Kamene Take Shots At Samidoh


By  | Aug 10, 2021, 03:07 PM  | Jalang'o  | Relationships

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It seems everbody wants to weigh in on the horrible news that has been trending since morning about lovable mugithi singer Samidoh and lover Karen Nyamu. The lady lawyer this morning took to social media to share the horrible news that Samidoh had beaten her senseless and even damaged her face.

All this domestic violence happened due to a severe case of jealousy on Samidoh's part. In his defense (though not much of it), it is said that Samidoh discovered in dishonesty of his lover Karen Nyamu and he lost it, beating the mother of three and three-months pregnant woman, to a pulp and later adding that if he had his gun, he could have killed her.

This unfortunate news has since gone viral with Karen Nyamu constantly releasing videos of her beaten-up face, each new video showing the changes that the face is undergoing, slowly swelling and eyes blackening. Fans from all over have been commenting on this videos non-stop as the scandal blows up.
Popular radio presenters of the popular radio show "Morning Kiss" of Kiss FM Radio, Jalang'o and Kamene Goro took to the mic this morning to share their opinions on the said scandal, the beating of wives and domestic violence in general as this is actually a major concern in the country.

The two took to the mic on their morning show "Morning Kiss" and aired their anger and disappointment on the popular mugithi singer.
"Number one, if your man is not jealous of you, forget about it. But to a level of jealousy where you're beating women and even killing that I cannot condone. A man cannot stand when another man is taking up his role. That can lead to death that I cannot lie to you. Men are very very jealous. Men are becoming jealous to an extent of fighting? My kind of jealousy is different then," bitter Jalas said.
Co-host Kamene Goro, who apparently has been a victim of domestic violence herself also had something to say about this unfortunate event.
"So many women have been beaten out of misplaced jealousy. And they are not even fighting the men, it is the women. Because he heard nani alikua na nani."

Clearly everyone is disappointed with this story. This just goes to show as we have heard from experienced elderly people since way back, if the relationship isn't working and is proving to be toxic, simply just walk away, as hard as it sounds.

More will come concerning this.
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