Is Michelle Ntalami Finally Coming Out Of The Closet?

Lovers or just friends?

By  | Dec 04, 2020, 05:18 PM  | Relationships

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Former Tahidi high actress now BBC journalist Makena Njeri and Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami have a very special relationship which they insist is not romantic but fans think otherwise.

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The two post each other all the time with sweet messages and showing off their affection towards one another. Recently Makena posted yet another message for Michelle.

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These two have had so much drama from the past. In July last year when their relationship begun, Makena’s brand new Mercedes Benz was sprayed and written “cheater” after she allegedly started tossing and turning in between sheets with the Marini Naturals CEO.

Apparently, Makena has been cheating on her lover with Ntalami for some. Her lover lost her cool and vandalized her Mercedes Benz writing curse words and everything.

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It’s not the first time Ntalami is finding herself in such a scandal. She has been also accused of “stealing” This is Ess, Edith Kimani and a few other ladies from their men.

Michelle has refuted those claims and numerously said she is not what people think she is. In one of her posts she wrote;

"If I haven’t said it myself, you have no right to go labeling me this or that. I hardly address trolls. But today I’m setting the record straight! Get this from both the Queen and the horse’s mouth; I AM NOT WHAT YOU ARE LABELLING ME.”

The 35-year-old business woman claims she is not a lesbian or a homewrecker. But with Makena’s messages we can not just assume that the relationship is purely platonic.

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During Michelle’s birthday in June, Makena wrote a long post saying;

"Michelle darling 😘I don’t know what I did right in my life to make the universe bring such an angel into my life, but I’m definitely going to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you make me feel.Whenever your birthday comes around, I breathe a silent prayer of thanks to all the forces of the universe that brought you and I together because our story is one for the books and I will forever look forward to celebrating all your birthdays with you . I love deeply happy birthday darling ♥️.”

The BBC producer went ahead to gush over the young CEO, labeling her ´a sight to behold´ with whom she desires to spend the rest of her life and forever make happy.
Michelle matched Makena’s long messages with her own short one, saying;

“The spice you’ve brought to my life! Words can’t describe! You put all of this together for me and I’m so blown away! You’ve made sure I’ve been smiling literally all of June! I’m so happy to be crossing my birthday with you! We’ve not yet even began the real fun.. let’s do this baby! I love you! ♥️”
Makena posted the message on her Instagram account, promising Ntalami that she would spend her life making her happy."

Now, there is nothing wrong with being gay because love is love but we can’t help but wonder why these two keep on denying their true relationship. They hide behind the ‘best-friend’ label and may not be coming out anytime soon.

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