Huddah Monroe Mizes Omanyala's Stinging Rejection


By  | May 14, 2022, 02:29 PM  | Huddah Monroe  | Relationships

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It’s been barely a week ever since the country and the world got the chance to witness athlete Ferdinand Omanyala break yet another record during the Nairobi Kipkeino Classic marathon. 

Netizens and fans from all around the world have not stopped talking about the great performance that they saw on the track and have been celebrating him ever since. 

It was also during this time that popular socialite Huddah Monroe, had also commented on Omanyala’s looks saying that she did not mind having him as her own hinting that he was the reason she had decided to stay in Kenya. 

As you already know, Huddah has always been a Dubai kind of girl and she has also always said that she cannot date a Kenyan man, which is why netizens raised eyebrows when she openly shot her shot with the celebrated athlete.
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Omanyala of course did not respond to all this then and we can only assume it is because he was busy celebrating with his wife and the rest of his fans and family because of this unforgettable win. 

Well, just recently, in a phone interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, it seems the athlete has finally addressed the claims that Huddah wants him. 

The audio clip that was shared by Ankali Ray not too long ago has left many fans in stitches as Ferdinand is heard rejecting Huddah saying that he doesn’t feel the same way about her, and even adding that the socialite cannot compare to the kind of woman his wife is. 

“Shetani ashindwe! Huyo hata akituma nini bana hawezi nipata. Kitu anaweza pata maybe ni jina. Simtaki, nishafunga hiyo safari…” said Omanyala.

He also went ahead to add that even being friends with Huddah itself is not something he would consider which can only mean that he does not want any form of relationship with our Dubai babe. 

As you can already imagine, even as fans were found rolling on the floor with this revelation, all we were really concerned about was seeing Huddah’s reaction being that the interview is basically all anyone can talk about right now. 

Taking to her Instagram account, it seems all the socialite will be spending her time doing is promoting her business and nothing more. 

Surely she has to have seen that audio clip go viral all over social media so if it’s a reaction you were expecting, it looks like you may have to wait a whole lot longer because sis ameamua habanduki, wala hatingiziki!

While the socialite is always breaking the internet for the unthinkable, her love life continues to remain a hot topic of interest among netizens and from the look of things it seems she may have to go back to Dubai and find herself some love juu sasa Omanyala akikukataa surely, eh! 

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