How DJ Mo and Size 8 Can Save Their Marriage - Former KTN Presenter

All is not lost.

By  | Oct 14, 2020, 11:07 AM  | Relationships

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For the last week, DJ Mo and Size 8 have been the talk of the town due to DJ Mo stepping out on their marriage.

The week has especially been hard on Size 8 who not only had her husband embarrass her publicly with his cheating but also with claims that she is lazy in bed. In addition, her decision to fast and pray for her marriage only made her look like boo boo the fool in front of all their fans.

Since the scandal broke out, the couple has not had a moment of reprieve due to the condemnation and ridicule that has come their way.
However, amid the chaos, the couple has been offered sober advice, and this time it comes from Kendi Ashitiva a former KTN presenter who is now a practicing psychologist. In her opinion, the one mistake the Murayas have made is focusing on their brand as opposed to their well-being as a couple.

“A lot has been said about this lovely looking couple this past week and I just thought I would chime in with a few thoughts and probably some unsolicited advice or observations. These are the professional hazards of being a practicing psychologist. You either see too much or see things where nobody else is looking.

You see my view is TWO BRANDS can never get married, only TWO PEOPLE can. A brand is an external creation or representation of the self, designed ON PURPOSE, to meet a certain external expectation for a certain REWARD. Your brand operates on the principle of demand and supply. For you to be relevant as an online brand or influencer you must keep supplying what the crowd demands, even if it kills you. In my view, DJ MO the brand cannot be married to Size 8 the brand (this would almost be similar to a corporate merger or an acquisition), but Sammy can be married to Linet. Boy meets and marries Girl. Marriage and intimacy were not designed for brands but for people. Marriage is a psychological, spiritual, and physical union of two people, designed as a covenant, not a contract,”
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Adrenaline-Filled Action
According to her, for the Murayas to survive as a couple, they need to stop being a brand in their home setting.

“In the event that two huge personalities do get married, it is wise for them to deliberately retreat from their brands in the home setting for their marriage to survive or even thrive. You see your brand is designed for lights, camera, costumes, adoring fans, and cheers! This is especially true for people in the performing arts, their brand comes with the need for adrenaline-filled action, adoring fans, and this sets them up psychologically for needs and lusts that cannot be satisfied at home. You see marriage IS NOT A STAGE for performance, it's A CHOPPING BOARD for character. It is where humility is built, feedback is given and character is painfully formed. So if you come into your marriage as a brand, then the demands of a marriage, many of which are not similar to those of the brand, will be very uncomfortable and you may find yourself retreating back into your brand, where you have control over the script or narrative, whenever you feel uncomfortable at home.

Am I saying this is the case here, NOT NECESSARILY, I have never met these two, I don't know the facts. I am just making a possible case for why even Hollywood Stars struggle to make their marriages work. You have to deliberately kill the brand and join the marriage as boy and girl,”
she added.
In conclusion, Kendi stated,” So what would my very unsolicited advice to this lovely two be, I would say retreat from the addiction of your massive brands and see if you truly like each other. See if Sammy actually likes Linet and vice versa. Retreat from the glare of the cameras and social media to actually listen to yourself and not the millions of followers that you both have. Give yourselves a break from the scripts and actually sort out your emotions, and experiences. Kenyans and your fans will be fine, we will not die, and will be here when you return, but you need not die in the name of marriage or the brand.”

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