Heartbreaks: Footballer Adebayor And Avril Played By The Same Woman

Dillish dribbled Adebayor

By  | Dec 10, 2020, 12:02 PM  | Relationships

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Almost a year later, former Arsenal and Tottenham player Emmanuel Adebayor has finally given the reasons of his breakup with 2013 Big Brother winner Dillish Mathews.

Dillish took to social media to reveal that they parted ways because she was tired of being cyber-bullied. It has come out that they actually broke up because she could not stop cheating on the player.

Adebayor used the hashtag Dilish dribbled Adebayor in his stories as he revealed all the details that led to them parting ways.

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He posted several stories with the details;

"Imagine you go to THE  beach with your partner to spend the weekend. Your partner then introduces you to a man over there and says ‘this is my rich uncle’. A few months later you are told that the man is actually not her uncle,"
He continued;

"Your girlfriend tells you ‘babe I’m going for a weekend trip with my best friend in Namibia. A few days later she’s completly unreachable then you end up finding out that YOur girlfriend is in Luanda, Angola and says she doesn’t know how she got there…"
The Namibian actress and model made headlines in 2016 after she allegedly ‘snatched’ the hubby-to-be of Kenya’s curvaceous singer, Avril.

Avril was engaged to business man Muga from South Africa. They were together for close to three years but things did not lead to a wedding.

Dillish was alleged to have had a hand in the break-up as she was seen on a date with Muga during Valentine’s day of 2016.
Many termed her as a husband snatcher but she later addressed the ‘haters’ and made it clear that they were just friends.

Delish had been married to her longtime boyfriend Stephen Gaeseb but the couple had a rocky marriage. She later re-bounded with the footballer.

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