Harmonize Introduces His New Girlfriend Sishkikii On His Birthday

Poor Kajala

By  | Mar 16, 2023, 01:59 PM  | Harmonize  | Relationships

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Never give up hitmaker Harmonize popularly known as Konde Boy has been exposed.

The Tanzanian singer fooled everyone into believing that he is single after his break-up with socialite Kajala. It turns out he has been dating all along.

The alleged lady has been exposed by a popular Tanzanian blogger, Zuma Udako. The model by the name Sishkikii was caught red handed-after posting Harmonize on her socials while celebrating his birthday.

"Happy belated darling. Iā€™d write a paragraph but u already know what my heart speaks for u. ā£ļø @harmonize_tz I guess u no longer #SINGLE n am proud of that." She captioned his photo.

Harmonize commented while welcoming her to her public life. "LOVE YOU šŸ’• ā¤ļø SO DIFFERENT BADDEST CHICK IN THE GAME WELCOME TO MY LIFE šŸ˜‚ MUNGU HUYU !!!!!!
Harmonize has shared on his insta stories that she had brought her a birthday cake. He did post her photo but a photo of a red car. 

It has been rumored that a few weeks ago the lady posted a photo of a range rover gift she had received on her birthday. It has been speculated that she received the red machine from Harmonize. He has a history of gifting his women with a particular car. Kajala received two.

Her new girl Sishkikii is a model and businesswoman. From her post, you can tell that she is excited to date the singer. Here are some reactions from Tanzanians.

The singer has just completed a heated court battle against his ex-wife Sarah Michelotti. She won the case and is said to have received half of his wealth.

Harmonize was initially against it arguing that he was broke during their heydays. After their marriage broke, he had to be hosted by his ex-girlfriend Kajala. He stated that Fridah helped him when he had nothing. She took him in at his lowest and did not brag or let anyone know. 

Harmonize " Yani anashtaki kama nimemuoa, anataka mali tugawane maskini ya mungu sijuwi mali gani wakati tumeachana nikaanza kulala nyumbani kwako daah, hata pa kulala nilikuwa sina hizo mali zilikuwa wap jamani." 
The duo had a dramatic life, before their divorce, Sarah accused Harmonize of being impotent. She argued that he had failed to get her pregnant. 

The singer and Sarah separated after she severally accused her of neglect and disregarding her sentiments and efforts to maintain their relationship.

 According to her, the UNO hitmaker is a two-faced person who only showed his true colors behind closed doors. She broke up with her after news spread that he had sired a kid out of wedlock and this might have broken her rushing to divorce.

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