Hamisa Mobetto Finds Love Again

I want to get married

By  | Nov 13, 2022, 03:58 PM  | Relationships

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Tanzanian socialite and Diamond's baby mama Hamissa Mobetto has hinted at finding love again. The video vixen recently said that she has found someone to whom she would want to get married to.

"Nahisi kama huyu ndiye mtu ambaye ninataka kuwa naye maisha yangu yote, nimepata mtu ambaye tunaongea lugha moja, ana tabia njema, anaongea vizuri, ana macho mazuri, nataka kuolewa naye, kumpikia, kumuandalia nguo za kazini" she said.

Despite the statement, Hamisa has not revealed the identity of the said lover.
This comes months after she had indicated that she is in a relationship with American rapper Rick Ross.

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The revelation had come through Insta live when Hamisa asked the American to answer the question the fans have been asking for a long time and without hesitation, Rick Ross said he and Hamisa were dating. he in fact said Hamisa is his.

The socialite went further to tell the hip-hop artist that the parents were waiting for him to take the bride price so that they can be officially married. Hamisa revealed that a suitor had offered her parents 10 million as the bride price.

Before then, Hamisa had been denying dating rumors with Rick Ross arguing that they were just close friends. The rumors sparked from a past video that appeared online with the two in a club in Dubai being cozy all over each other.

In a past interview, Hamisa narrated that the two met through an ambassadorial job they have been doing for an alcoholic drink. Over time Rick Ross and Hamisa have been constantly flirting with each other fuelling the dating rumors even more.

Now going by her latest remarks it looks like the two fell out and there is an ew man in the territory.

It will be noted that Hamisa has been in the past in a relationship with Tanzanias biggest star Diamond Platinumz that had them have a baby. To a large extent, it is their forbidden relationship that led to Diamond separating from his other Baby mama Zari the Boss lady.

You see the relationship between Diamond and Hamisa was happening secretly while Diamond was already in a relationship with Zari. The two have since not been seen to be on good terms. At some point, Diamond even accused Hamisa of using black magic on him. Hamisa obviously denied those allegations.

It is perhaps also the reason Hamisa and Diamond have had a strained relationship ever since.  Diamond has always treated Hamisa like she baby-trapped him and has been very cold towards her as compared to the way he treats both Tanasha and Zari.

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Second, Hamisa is the only baby mama whom Diamond has been forced to pay child support for. In 2018, the "African Beauty" star was compelled to pay 250k monthly in child support for Dylan. This was after Diamond had demanded a paternity test from her, which proved that he was indeed the sperm donor.

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