New Bae For Maureen Waititu

Talk about Wealth!

By  | Jul 09, 2021, 01:51 PM  | Relationships

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If there is something we all know about her now without a shadow of a doubt it's that Maureen Waititu is a woman on a mission and that mission is elevating her life and that of her two boys!
Clearly, she is here to send a message because her moves of late have been rather heavy in terms of loving herself and putting herself first and the message is -"I've moved on and I'm on to bigger and better things!"
Today, Maureen has Instagram at the palm of her hand as she has pleasantly surprised many of her fans with her new look and her exceptionally luxurious lifestyle while on a trip with her bae all the way to Columbia.

Maureen took to Instagram to post the picture that is taking instgram by storm as we type! The picture was a simple one with Maureen in an almost frighteningly bedazzled yellow dress that didn't just cover her curves with the preciseness of something tailor-made, the colour complimented her skin magnificently and the glimmer and glimmer of her dress reflected on her in a mesmerising way! With this she paired with a black bedazzled evening bag that hung loosely at her side all topped with an updo that just did to make her all the more gorgeous!
Did we mention her iconic yellow dress was estimated to be worth KES18,000? Talk about making big money!
She captioned the picture 
"maureenwaititu Date night πŸ‘ΈπŸΎπŸŒŸπŸ‘‘β­οΈ"

Simple and to the point! Take that, haters!
She also posted another video of herself walking in the dress, giving her fans a view of the dress from the ack, and made her comments about the place (which was a five star 15-course meal restaurant, by the way) but she expressed that she was not used to such a grand gesture, and even exclaimed that she was only able to eat up to the 12th course.

DShe has not posted the picture of the individual that was taking her on the trip of her life, but she sure seemed like she was enjoying herself carefree.
Maureen's public breakup with her ex-fiancee and baby daddy Frankie Just Gym It was one for the ages. Not only had Frankie left her for another man and even got her pregnant, but Maureen also posted that he was actually trying to kick her out of the house and was no longer caring for or seeing the kids.
Maureen had been ostracised or how she acted when she was hurt during these events but one has to wonder how much pain she was in to be left with the kids and even worse, for the entire ordeal to be made so public that she was even taken ti the trending list!
Frankie is still with Corazon and it is looking like the two are in it for the long run and though the fans that the couples used to share still adore both of them, most are with Maureen through this and are ecstatic that she's moving on so fast and in such a classy manner! 
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