First Lesbian Celebrity Wedding?

Notiflow's girlfriend makes big vow

By  | Sep 27, 2021, 05:07 PM  | Relationships

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Notiflow’s girlfriend just went on a tirade on her Instagram addressing her haters about her relationship with Notiflow but that’s not the big news here...

King Lami, as she calls herself on her Instagram, took to her social media to post a rant to address the women who had been ‘hitting on her’ and the ones who were hating on her relationship with the rapper.

In the post, Armaan put up points! She warned the people that had been hitting on her to stop, telling them that she would embarrass them the next time. She also said that all the haters could hate as much as they could on her relationship, but that would not change anything about her feelings to Notiflow, among other points.

What caught us by surprise was that she gave away genuine plans to marry Notiflow!

In her second point, Armaan revealed that there was nobody else she would rather be with in this world other than Notiflow, calling her queen, and her soon to be fiancé!

Yes. As it turns out, theirs just might be the very first same-sex marriage to happen in Kenya.

This in fact comes out as great news as the two have been known to have a rather tumultuous relationship in the past.

Just several months ago, the two had a rather problematic and publicized breakup that many didn’t think they would bounce back from. The two had apparently had a disagreement so rough, they both took to social media to air each other out. Notiflow revealed in an emotional rant that they had had several disagreements before their breakup that had even resulted in physical violence between them. According to her, she was forced to take legal action against Armaan in order to protect herself from her stalkerish ways. Armaan on the other hand was up all on her social media… with a whole new girlfriend!

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So safe to say, the two probably seemed better off apart from each other at that point.

However, the breakup was short-lived. Notiflow and Armaan got back together a few weeks after the incidents, as in love as ever. 

The two have since kept up with the tempo, posting each other every single day on their Instagram accounts, looking more and more mesmerized with each other every single time. 

While they do have a past, as any relationship does, Notiflow is particularly known for difficult relationships such as the one with Mustapha that was said to involve some roughhousing as well. This behaviour is not exactly new.

Nonetheless, the two seem keener than ever to solidify their union to the masses, especially seeing as they are a same-sex couple that is pretty widely known -not many of those in our country.

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So, has Notiflow finally found the one for her, for life? Will we be getting the very first celebrity same-sex marriage in our country sooner than we think? It sure as heck seems so. And her fans are overjoyed for her. 

Let’s see if King Lami keeps on her word and locks this down. It will certainly be a day to remember.
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