"Niko Soko" - DJ Shiti's Somali Ex

Na amechoka na vipara.

By  | Jun 20, 2022, 05:00 PM  | DJ Shiti   | Relationships

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DJ Shiti's ex girlfriend and baby mama Fash Fuzzie wants to move on badly from the comedian. She suggested to a fan that she is single and available if he wanted to make a move on her.

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Fash whose real name is Faiza Hussein is still going through major baby daddy drama with DJ Shiti ever since their break up.

In February, she revealed a heartbreaking decision she took to let go of her daughter to be raised by her father DJ Shiti. She suggested to blogger Edgar Obare that Shiti only sent her 150 for child support, and so she had no choice but to give him the girl so he could raise her.

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“I had no intention whatsoever to ever give up on my daughter but whatever I have been through, I have decided to give the father his kid….this is very tough but a necessity. I just hope that she grows into an amazing human and may she forever know that this decision is out of love for her.”

But now that she is free of parental duties, Fash seems to be ready to hop back into the dating market. In a Q&A session with her fans, on gentleman told her: I have never stopped wanting you how do we hook up?

She answered with a full body picture of her backside, and said "Wee jua tu niko kwa soko" and added a wink emoji too.

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As it was Father's Day, many fans asked about the current status of her relationship with baby daddy DJ Shiti. But she confirmed that she has nothing going on with him at all: "We have no relation."

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But it's not just the romantic men in her life that have fallen off with Fash. She also revealed that she is not on good terms with her own biological father. "Honestly we haven't been in [good] terms for the longest"
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How the Fash-DJ Shiti drama started
The drama all began when a transgender woman who goes by the name Brandy noted that she had a sexual relationship with DJ Shiti. She went on to note that she even has Faiza's number and that they had the same conversation.

According to Brandy, Fash advised her not to speak on the matter publicly. Brandy added that she was going against Fash’s wishes revealing the information because she believed the only one on the wrong is DJ Shiti himself who had a wife and two kids but was still sleeping with other women “in the name of comedy”.
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Brandy noted that she had an open conversation with Fash about the matter and this is what cemented their relationship. According to Brandy, they grew so close that the comedian’s wife allegedly asked her to be an aunty to her kids. Brandy added that she even follows her on Instagram, but she would never reveal her identity as she is using a pseudo account.
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