DJ Mo's Advice To Grace Ekirapa And Pascal Tokodi On Marriage

DJ Mo And Grace Were Co-Hosts On Crossover101

By  | Aug 10, 2021, 02:18 PM  | Relationships

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Dj Mo was one of the most popular DJs in the country at the dawn of 2020. His story however hit a snag when he was hit by a cheating scandal that threatened to take him down.

Despite all the backlash, he was at least able to save the most important thing in his life-his marriage.

His job meanwhile as the resident DJ at Crossover101 ended. We still don't know whether he left or was forced out, something I asked him about in an interview yesterday.

He refused to comment saying that he would do so in the future. "I cannot talk about cross-over 101 because I am currently working on a new project that I will give more information about soon. And when I do that all answers related to crossover 101 will be answered."

How has his behaviour changed as far as dealing with fans goes, especially after the scandal he faced last year?

"I have a mantra. I put out what I want my fans to know. my social media community does not know what I do not want them to know. I control what a put out there."

How is his relationship with Grace Ekirapa, his former Crossover host? How is his relationship with Grace Ekirapa, his former Crossover host? He said that they were on cool terms.

He also explained that he knew that Grace and her now-husband Pascal Tokodi were dating before the public knew.

What advice would he give the couple for a successful marriage?

"Grace is my friend and yes I knew that they were dating. What I will tell them is “marriage is the best thing they have decided to do and I am happy for them.”

After he left Crossover101 last year, Grace was interviewed on it. She told Massawe Jappani that she still hadn't been in contact with him and that when he(DJ Mo) was ready, he would talk to her about it.

“First of all, when you get saved, you don’t become Jesus immediately, huwezi kuwa perfect once, it’s a journey. However, Biblia pia inasema Mungu atakusamehea makosa yako lakini kuna kitu inaitwa consequences… kila mtu lazima a face hio. Mungu atakusamehe, lakini consequences lazima uface. For me what I’d say is we make mistakes and if honestly mtu anajua amefanya makosa you have to sort it kwanza with God.”

She added,

“We haven’t spoken. At some point, the calls weren’t going through and then also to be honest imekuwa hard pia mimi kuget to him. I don’t know what he will tell me, staki kuwa pia mimi namuulizia alafu namuingilia. Akikuwa ready ataniongelesha. We’ve been on air two weeks without him, but hio ni maneno ya management, not me I’m not involved,” said Ms. Ekirapa.

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