Dj Creme's Wife Resurfaces Post Separation

Breakup to Glowup

By  | Aug 26, 2021, 11:08 AM  | Relationships

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Dj Creme's wife, Denise Nuguna has finally resurfaced since he revealed that they had parted company and oh my goodness, she is glowing! You really do just have to look at her to believe how beautiful her glow-up has been:

And the reason this is amazing lies in the manner in which DJ Creme broke the news. When he first spoke on the matter, it was a simple statement that read, 
"Marriage is a scam"
And after this, people began asking about whether or not he was his wife. That was when gossip blogs ran the story alleging Denise had up left DJ Creme together with the couple's children and he had not been allowed to see them since.

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We at Kelebrity can report that the situation has still not been resolved and DJ Creme took to his IG account to post a heartbreaking post about just how much he misses his children and hopefully, the message will reach them and they will one day understand that he didn't abandon them.

But back to Denise' amazing new glow. She is not the only celebrity who has experienced such a powerful shine after the end of the relationship or marriage. And she joins the illustrious list of women below:

#1. Nimo Gachuiri

Mr Seed's former wife decided to part company with the gospel singer after it was revealed that not only had he cheated on her, but he had gone as far as to impregnate his paramour, a girl by the name of Swabrina. Her glow-up has been one for the ages as you can even feel her aura through her photos and videos.

#2. Carol Radull

Her glow up started right after her marriage did but it kicked up a gear when the relationship between her and Bramwell Karamoja came undone. Before all that, she was a firm tomboy who enjoyed rocking football jerseys that show her support for Arsenal and other local football teams like Gor Mahia. Now that she is single again, she has put on the charm and has even begun to hit the gym. As a result, her skin is flawless, she looks happier and we love her new look.

#3. Maureen Waititu

Her break up with Frankie Kiarie, better known as Frankie Just Gym It ended up as horribly as one can expect. She was devastated and we could all tell the end of the marriage had really taken a toll on her. But she has since bounced back and my goodness the girl is working it!

Her's is the glow of a woman who is confident about her place in the world. She has even moved on and is in a new relationship.

#3. Kibanja

Chipukeezy's ex has really bounced back and she looks at peace with the woman she is becoming. The couple had a whirlwind romance that petered out as quickly as it started. She ended things and has since moved on and from the content on her social media pages, she has found her zen.

Clearly, one end is a new beginning. So take heart if you're relationship has just ended. Take your time to heal and then move on and trust me, you too will be glowing soon enough.

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