"I was Dating Other Guys for Money While Still with Bahati" Diana Marua Admits

She is a gold-digger

By  | Nov 17, 2020, 07:59 AM  | Diana Marua  | Relationships

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Gospel singer Kevin Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua recently went public with her past affairs and the real reason she went after Bahati. 

The scandal-ridden Diana Marua has been on everyone’s lips and the reason is her admission of being a gold-digger

Having been brought up in a poor family, Marua said she hated poverty and that that is what led her to date several men who would cater for her good life then.

She admitted the affairs on her YouTube channel saying;

I dated guys for money, I had someone who would pay my rent, another would do the shopping, another one would cater for my wardrobe.

Mrs Bahati further added that in the duration she dated men for money, she never managed to save a cent .

In a recent interview with Mseto East Africa, Diana and Bahati talked about their relationship and how it all begun. 

The former gold-digger now faithful wife, stated that she at the beginning was not that into Bahati. She admitted to have been dating other guys at the time when she and the gospel star had begun seeing each other. Diana who caused a stir when pictures of her party days emerged, including one with footballer Victor Wanayama, squashed the rumors about her affair with the player but admitted to have been a ratchet girl.

The relationship with her now husband started on Instagram via DM, it was ridiculed by many of Bahati’s fans but the singer had already made up his mind. 

He asked Diana to be avixen in one of his songs and later asked her out for dinner. Speaking in the interview Bahati said;

It is hard for me to even buy a lady a soda, I’d rather take my money to a children’s home but that day, I asked Diana to order anything she wants.

The couple who met on the day they were shooting his music video Mapenzi, spoke more on detail about their start with Diana giving the minutiae of the whole affair.

During breaks, Bahati would take my hand and pull me aside, asking questions like where I live, but it made me feel uneasy

Diana confessed.

Revealing that not just Bahati, but a number of men on set were also eyeing her including one ‘Mr S’, pointing fingers at Mr Seed.

2 months after the video shoot, Bahati opened up on his feelings for me. Diana admits.

This relationship came as a blessing and a new beginning for Diana, as just days before the shoot she had found her former lover with another woman pants down. 

Marau and Bahati celebrated their 5th anniversary and are currently raising their three children together.

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