Edwin Sifuna Reveals His Celebrity Crush... And It's Not Diana

Mhesh ako thirsty.

By  | Dec 06, 2022, 12:45 PM  | Diana Marua  | Relationships

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Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has caused an online chatter after he let out his thirsty side in public.

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The politician famously beefed with singer Bahati back in June and tried to remove him from the ballot so as to not contest the Mathare parliamentary seat. After Bahati held another crying press conference, Sifuna then trolled him some more by saying, "nitachukua apology yake kwa Diana personally." He was indicating that Diana Marua is the one who wears the pants in the relationship.

But as it turns out, Sifuna has his eyes on another celebrity crush, and it's not Diana. Taking the podium at the Kalasha Film and TV Awards, Sifuna confessed his thirst for ex Tahidi High star Sarah Hassan.

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In fact, he admitted that it was the only reason he agreed to grace the event. "Nilikuwa na kiu sana cha kukutana na mwanadada mmoja ambaye amenisumbua roho miaka mingi. Anaitwa Sarah Hassan," he said. But unfortunately for him, Sarah Hassan wasn't even in attendance. And one lady in the crowd got the room laughing when she screamed out, "Sisi ndio tuko," in response to Sifuna.

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Sifuna vs Bahati/Diana
Diana's name was dragged into the electioneering mudslinging between Bahati and the ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna. Mr. Sifuna is the one who made the unexpected announcement that Bahati's political bid had been sacrificed in favour of his Azimio campmate and incumbent Anthony Oluoch.

After Bahati's press conference where he called for Mr. Sifuna to stay out of Jubilee Party and Mathare politics, Mr. Sifuna posted up his own video with a Jubilee party coordinator for Nairobi region confirming that the party had pulled its candidate from the Mathare race in favour of the ODM candidate.

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Mr. Sifuna used the opportunity to troll Bahati and also mention his wife Diana. "Ahsante sana wana Jubilee Party Nairobi for resolving the Mathare question for us. We now have a candidate. Hio kijana ya kulia lia nitachukua apology yake kwa Diana personally."

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Bahati responded with a Will Smith-inspired explicit tirade.
Diana ignored Mr. Sifuna's trolling comments to Bahati but she lost patience with a fan on her Instagram comments when they brought up the Mathare MP drama between her hubby Bahati and ODM politician Edwin Sifuna.

One fan wanted her to address the dirty political war that Bahati was in the midst of and that her name had been dragged into. When she posted and promoted a fun video she called the 'No Hands Challenge', a fan quipped, "Wewe cheza na mzee amechezwa." Diana quickly responded to shut down the commentor, "Sasa nilie??? Mathare [ni] ya mzee. Periodt!!!!"
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