Why Diamond's Mom Didn't Celebrate Her Grandson's Bday

Hamisa's Son With Diamond Is Often Ignore

By  | Aug 11, 2021, 10:27 AM  | Diamond Platnumz  | Relationships

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The past week was full of birthday celebrations for two of Diamond Platnumz's kids.

Tiffah his eldest child and only daughter was turning 6-years-old while his son, Dylan was turning 4 years old.

What was markedly different about the celebration as any smart person could note was the big contrast between the celebrations.

Diamond went all out on Tiffah, even if he didn't attend the birthday physically even promising that he would make it up to her. For Dylan meanwhile, a solitary post would suffice on Chibu's Instagram page.

But that wasn't all. People who follow Diamond's mother's Instagram page would also have noted that she had only celebrated Tiffah during the birthday week, no word of Dylan emanated from it.

This isn't the first time this has happened. In fact, Dylan has never been posted on Mama Dangote's page ever since he was born. This is despite the matriarch of the family posting all her other grandkids.

Anyone who understands Diamond knows that "as his mother goes so does he".  And that her opinion on his life is the one he cares about most.

So it is interesting that his mother would choose to ignore the grandson that shares her own son's DNA. Why is that? The simple reason is Dylan's mother, Hamisa Mobetto. She and Mama Diamond have never gotten along.

You see Mama Diamond has never been able to forgive Hamisa for sleeping with Diamond when he was still together with Zari.

In fact, during the months that Diamond was cheating with socialite Hamisa Mobetto, Zari was pregnant with their second-born son, Nillan.

Reports from Tanzania are that Mama Dangote has never forgiven Hamisa for sleeping with her son during that period, something that ultimately ended up breaking his marriage to Zari.

But Hamisa doesn't see it that way. In an interview she did 2 years ago, the mother of 2 insisted that Mama Diamond had asked her to go back to him.

"Mama Diamond called me to get back together with Diamond, that's what happened," Hamisa said during an interview with a Tanzanian radio station.

Most people who have seen the way Mama Diamond treats her were surprised at her allegation. It also followed an accusation that Diamond had made against her that she had contacted a witch doctor in a bid to salvage their relationship.

Will Mama Diamond ever change her mind about Hamisa and her son, Dylan? That reminds to be seen

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