Forget Guardian Angel: Diamond’s Mother Is Warming The Bed Of A Younger Man (PHOTOS)

Seems love doesn't look at age, after all

By  | Oct 14, 2020, 12:21 PM  | Diamond Platnumz  | Relationships

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Many know Diamond Platnumz as father Abraham but did you know that his mother is married to a younger man? Well, the controversial grandma to Tanasha’s son is making headlines after more details emerged on how she met her man.

The dude, going by the name Uncle Shamste has revealed how their love story started.

"We met in Paris, France where she was collecting her bags at the airport. She was carrying Tiffah. The following day, we met at a launch where we were taking photos and I told her that I follow her on social media a lot. It took time and she used to insist on love and truth, when you are truthful, you become her best friend,” he said.

So basically, he approached Diamond’s mom, already knowing who she is, and asked for a hand in marriage. The two have been married for 3 years now. They have publicly insisted that they love each other, and that the younger man didn't approach her because of her money. Interesting…

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As if that’s not enough, Uncle has given us tea that we never knew about. How Diamond’s woes actually affect his mother. You know very well that Diamond and Zuchu were recently accused of stealing a song by his ex Tansaha. It prompted a response from Zuchu and even former WCB member Harmonize had to respond. Diamond ultimately chose not to fight back even after the song was deleted from YouTube.

“Yes, sometimes social media gets to her especially when her son is trending for claims that he has copied a song or has a new lover. i think insults are the things that make her sad on social media, she feels bad and she has blocked so many people like almost 20,000,” he revealed.
So this basically means that no matter how strong they are on social media, it still gets to them. So be careful when you call Diamond ‘father Abraham’. As for our very own Guardian Angel, he seems to be very much okay with being in the limelight, as the boyfriend to a 50-year-old lady. All in all, we wish the couples the best!

Here are some of the photos of the two lovers together:

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