Diamond's Step-Father Spotted With New Bae

Publicly express affection to lover

By  | Apr 07, 2021, 11:39 AM  | Diamond Platnumz  | Relationships

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A few days ago, Diamond Platnumz unveiled his new Ethiopian girlfriend, and on Tuesday, his step-father Uncle Shamte followed the trend.

Uncle Shamte, Mama Dangote's husband, took to social media to wish 'his love' - not Mama Dangote - a happy birthday.

In his birthday message, Shamte expressed his desire to meet the woman and asked where she was.

In his post, he also shared a photo of himself and the woman identified as Glory Mayaka.

"Kuna Ubaya Ukisema Ulipo Sasa Hivi Nije Hapo Hapo KIPENZI changu ❤ ⁉️
Uncle Shamte said.
Mama Dangote and Uncle Shamte. Photo: Courtesy

Following a reply by the woman, Glory, it seems the relationship between the two is nothing more than friendship.

Glory who referred to Shamte as her brother said they have been long-term friends and the latter has never left her side.

"Lol. Haujawahi kuniacha ndugu yangu. Tumetoka mbali na bado tu. MUNGU anajua hakuna unafki kati yetu. Basi tuseme In Shaa Allah azidi kutulinda. Love you mtu muhimu...😍😍😍," Glory says.

Uncle Shamte who has been with Mama Dangote for over three years previously revealed that she met the singer's mother in Paris, France.

"We met in Paris, France where she was collecting her bags at the airport. She was carrying Tiffah. The following day, we met at a launch where we were taking photos and I told her that I follow her on social media a lot. It took time and she used to insist on love and truth, when you are truthful, you become her best friend,” he said.

Both Mama Dangote and Shamte have publicly insisted that they love each other. This means that the relationship between Glory and Shamte will not give Mama Dangote a sleepless night.
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