Bensoul Baby Mama Accuse Him Of Being Deadbeat

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By  | Sep 22, 2022, 01:28 PM  | Relationships

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It has become a norm now for Bensoul's baby mama Tiffany to throw shades on him every time she is dissatisfied with the singer. Just a few days after Tiffany received her daughter with Bensoul, she has started bashing him for being a deadbeat dad.

The influencer has however not directly addressed Bensoul but going by their history, it is easy to read between the lines and know who she was referring to in the statement she made on her Instagram.
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Tiffany has taken to Instagram with a very straightforward message that read, "Behind every deadbeat parent is another parent who makes sh*t work no matter the situation, living their lives drama free and manifesting the best lives for his/her children."

As much as this message was largely directed to Bensoul, it will be remembered that just after delivering her baby Tiffany on an Instagram Q&A said that she does not plan to share her baby with anyone as far as co-parenting is concerned. So is she speaking from both ends of her mouth?

Bensoul had promised to take responsibility for the baby when he admitted to cheating on his girlfriend. Fans have also been curious seeing that Bensoul has not shown any reaction since the child was born or even made any comment. Understandably there could be some differences and misunderstandings between the two parents when we put into consideration the circumstances under which the two came together.

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The story of his infidelity was brought to light by blogger Edgar Obare who had been informed by one of his followers that the singer was expecting a child with another woman.

The artist later confirmed that indeed he was expecting a child with a lady he met at a show in Mombasa. Ben went further to explain to the blogger that he acknowledge he messed up and that he is taking responsibility for his mistakes.

What Bensoul admission to cheating on Noni did, is put the two ladies on antagonizing sides despite Noni forgiving him.  On several occasions, the two have been seen sending shots at each other on social media.

At one time Tiffany came at Noni on her Instagram Stories, during an interactive session with her followers. She had asked her followers what makes them angry. One follower noted that the thing that angers them the most is the sight of clout chasers like Tiffany’s soon-to-be baby daddy and his girlfriend Noni Gathoni.

The beauty took this chance to vent out her frustrations the best she could. Tiffany noted that she didn’t really care about the couple and what they are doing. She further corrected the fan, who had mentioned that Noni would be her child's stepmother, as she noted that stepmother was a strong word to use on Noni.

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