Daddy Owen Reveals He Hasn't Had S#x For Two Years

He turns down Pritty Vishy, and all women who applied to be his wife.

By  | Nov 23, 2022, 01:34 AM  | Relationships

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Daddy Owen has changed his mind about finding a new wife and now expects to stay celibate for the rest of his life.

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The Mbona singer, 40, revealed on Tuesday (November 22) on the Ankali Ray Wambea 254 show that he has completely lost interest in women and is happy to be alone for the rest of his life.

Daddy Owen had recently placed an open call online for a wife who meets certain characteristics; including being a kienyeji girl with angelic looks, fluency in English, God-fearing, and not on social media site TikTok. Socialite Pritty Vishy 'applied' for the role, but Daddy Owen quickly turned her down saying that she doesn't meet his criteria.

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And now, Pritty Vishy will be left wondering just what is wrong with her that Daddy Owen would rather remain celibate forever than dare date her. That's because Daddy Owen told that sex is not an issue for him. In fact, he dished to the radio host that he hasn't had sex since splitting from his ex wife Farida Wambui two years ago.

He told Ankali he is satisfied with his life, and his one son, and is too busy anyhow to be thinking about women. "Sasa niko biz hata sitafuti. Mambo ni mingi...Mi niko sawa."

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Dumped for a millionaire
Daddy Owen separated from his wife sometime in early 2021 allegedly for a millionaire in Gilgil. The singer came out to confirm the rumors shortly after they had spread all over the blogs asking his fans to pray for him.

The drama involving their breakup was interesting as it is alleged the wife left home headed for what Daddy Owen knew to be a business trip, only to receive a call from a friend telling him his wife is being engaged by a hotelier somewhere in Naivasha.

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The whole breakup took the musician through a phase of depression which he later came to admit he was struggling with but was afraid of opening up as people were already judging him. “Those I tried to explain to my problems thought I was mad others told me to be a man but in the long run, I had to dig up the problem and face it,” he said.
Even in this recent Q&A when asked how he was doing emotionally he indicated that he is still not okay. He was however grateful for counselors who were helping him deal with everything. He also praised his family and close friends who had been by his side.

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Before the separation, Owen had been married to Farida for 8 years and they had two children together. Later after he had come out to talk about the matter, the Vanity singer said that he was not out to blame Faridah for their break-up. He, instead, described her as a friend he had been with for eight years, and who he had entrusted his life with before they hit rock bottom.

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He revealed that the marital woes, which had started three years before the break up had affected his showbiz and religious life, sending him into solitude. Daddy Owen said he has no ill feelings towards his ex-wife and he wishes her well as she starts her new life.
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